In these times of uncertainty, there’s one thing you can rely on and that’s the arrival of TheXboxHub Official Podcast Episode 23. Whilst the coronavirus is still having a major affect on global events, the detailed specs of both the Xbox Series X and the PS5 gave the team something else to sink their teeth into.

This week, Gareth (the host) and James are joined by another James – to be known as Bentley to avoid confusion – to try and break down the incredibly in-depth presentation by Mark Cerny regarding PlayStation 5. Alongside that, there are even more details to discuss about the Xbox Series X, including its size and the prospect of using memory cards. After contemplating the specs, pondering begins as to which sounds the most appealing right now and whether they’ll release as planned – or not.

As for what games they’ve been playing, well, there’s the anime fighting antics courtesy of One Punch Man: A Hero Nobody Knows and a puzzling exercise in the form of Hidden Through Time. That’s not all though, with side-scrolling adventure Inops, platformer Dandara: Trials of Fear Edition and a fair few other games getting a worthy mention too. And whilst there’s very minimal news about new games on the horizon, The Vale: Shadow of the Crown caught the attention of James for its remarkable audio-only focus.

As always, full show notes are available over at

TheXboxHub Official Podcast is a weekly podcast as the team behind the words get together to chat about all things Xbox and gaming in general – without straying too far away from the videogames scene.

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