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With WWE 2K15 creeping up on us for Xbox 360, and later Xbox One, we get to see how the Wyatt Family are looking on their way down to the ring.

In this two for one type entrance video, we see not only Wyatt’s entrance with his family accompanying him but also Rowan and Harper’s separate tag team entrance. Bray Wyatt’s consists of the very creepy yet iconic walk down the ramp with the lantern before sitting in his rocking chair the rest of the family follow. For the Erik Rowan and Luke Harper entrance they’ve gone for the “Whole world in his hands” rendition with the rock style twist afterwards.

What’s interesting is how once they get to the ring their movements seem more similar to their real life counterparts. The character models for Rowan and Harper look pretty darn decent too, although Bray seems a little off. See for yourself…

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8 years ago

[…] They’re here… see The Wyatt Family’s WWE 2K15 entrances […]