GTA Online Xbox - 6th October

As we have known for some time now, Grand Theft Auto Online will be rotating activities in and out of circulation. This week ‘seas’ the return of Sea Races and Parachuting, which will be of particular interest to those players still chasing the Numero Uno achievement, as winning these activities once again make it obtainable.

Firstly though, you’ll want to know where the Triple Rewards are this week. Complete any Lamar Contact Mission and you will earn triple the usual amount of GTA$ and RP for the week. Lamar though, with the greatest of respect, is a bit of a marmite personality. So, for those that can’t stand this wily character, Land Races are also offering Triple Rewards for GTA$ and RP.

As well as Sea Races and Parachuting making a return, several classic Adversary modes are returning for a limited amount of time. Keep the Pace, Inch by Inch, Sumo and Offense Defense are all making a welcome return, and Offense Defense is even offering 2X GTA$ and RP to celebrate that fact. And that isn’t just for winners, anyone who participates can take advantage of the bonuses on offer this week.

Also offering double GTA$ this week are Time Trials. The featured Time Trial this week is off roading on Calafia Way.

Finally, the car on the podium this week in The Diamond Casino & Resort is the Übermacht Rebla GTS. Fail to win it though on your daily spin and you’re still guaranteed the usual selection of GTA$, RP, casino chips, clothes, snacks or a mystery prize. So, you’ve really nothing to lose.

Discount-wise this week, and you’re in for a treat. There is 25% discount on all upgrades and modifications to your Auto Shop, and some decent price cuts on the following:

  • 50% off all hydraulics
  • Bravado Youga Classic/Youga Classic 4×4 – 40% off
  • Progen Itali GTB/Itali GTB Custom – 30% off
  • Willard Faction and the Faction Custom Donk – 30% off 
  • Albany Manana Custom – 30% off
  • Pfister Comet/Comet Retro Custom – 30% off both base model and Benny’s upgrade
  • Albany Manana Custom – 30% off

These options are all here if you want to make a quick buck in GTA Online, but don’t forget, there are plenty of Shark Cards in the Xbox Store if you want to make an even quicker buck.

That’s your lot for this week, don’t say we don’t spoil you. Give us a shout in the comments what discounts you’ll be taking advantage of this week.

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