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Tired of your Xbox? How to pick the right mobile app or provider for online betting!


If you fancy a change from TheXboxHub and are looking for the right mobile app or provider for placing online bets, it’s very important to pay close attention to many different factors. If you’re someone who’s starting out with online betting, you must seek only and only the best ones in the business. A good way to go about it is by visiting a portal like online-casinos-canada.ca that details the best bookmakers/apps and provides you with a detailed review of each one of them.

Welcome offers are what majority of online betting companies differentiate themselves through initially. To give you an example, Bet365 is a very good bookie for anyone starting out as it provides a 100% deposit bonus on any deposits made of £ 10 or upwards.

Let’s go over the other important points you must keep in mind.

Which one offers the best prices?

Once you’ve shortlisted a few providers based on their welcome offers, it’d be best to compare their prices. Go through the prices offered by each one of them for the different football matches, horseraces or whichever sport you want to punt on. Which provider has the best prices and allows you to freely avail your welcome bonus for the bet placements? Which one is most generous when it comes to offering refunds for the voided bets? Which one has more relaxed conditions on withdrawals? In general, what you’re looking for is the company that offers maximum value.

Although all may seem very similar to each other, you must seek out the best of them all. You can also take help of several odds comparison websites on the Internet.

Effectiveness of the tips

Another important factor you must pay heed to is the effectiveness of the tips provided by the bookmaker. Nowadays, almost all the reputed online bookies offer bets-related tips, especially in case of horseraces. You must carry out detailed comparisons and figure out which one delivers the most profitable tips.

Variety of bets

The next factor you must watch out for is the variety of bets provided by the mobile app or bookmaker. As mentioned earlier, it may be best to visit a portal like gamblingapps.ca, and get a first-hand review of the provider’s ability in this regard. For instance, a provider that also doubles up as a betting exchange may not offer as wide range of bets as one that’s involved only in bookmaking services.

Provision of in-play bets

In-play betting has gained huge popularity over the past decade and has become an essential bet type indulged-in by a large number of sports bettors. For instance, this article on telegraph.co.uk will tell you how popular in-play betting is in tennis and how you can make the most of it. Although you may not get the best prices on such bets, these bets can be placed with far more confidence as you know which way the game/match is heading.

User experience

Last but not the least, it’s important to go with a mobile app or provider that has an aesthetically pleasing platform. You shouldn’t feel as if you’re revisiting a website from 15 years ago! The platform must be at pace with the times and updated on a regular basis. Although this may not seem like a major factor, keeping in mind that you’ll be spending a good amount of time on the platform, the graphical interface should be presentable enough.

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