Looking to find the extra edge to help get one up on other Pilots in Titanfall? There could be something for you in the incoming Black Market.

What can you buy at the Black Market? First up are a collection of Titan Insignias that are themed as the official insignias of elite units on both the IMC and Militia. Purchase them in the Black Market and they’ll be instantly available with all your other Insignias in the Titan Custom Loadouts.


The other set of items available to buy are packs of random Burn Cards based on a specific theme. Standard packs are the cheapest and could contain any card in the game but if you’d rather focus on improved weapons then there are Weapons packs. Equally as useful, if not more so could be the Time Boost pack that comes in handy when you want an XP boost.

How can you buy items at the Black Market? With Titanfall’s new currency arriving soon, Credits, and don’t worry you can’t and won’t have to buy these with real money. Credits can be earned via a variety of ways listed below.

  • Match Victory
  • Match Completion
  • First Victory of the Day
  • Completing Daily Challenges
  • Selling Burn Cards
  • At level 50, a percentage of the XP you earn will be converted into Credits

TF Black Market packs

Is there anything else you need to know? The Black Market won’t be available until you reach level 11 and once you’ve opened the Burn Card menu. It’ll then stay unlocked even when you decide to regenerate.

You can expect to see the Black Market rolling out as part of Update 5, which will be released on July 31st.

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7 years ago

[…] players got a little bit worried when there was news of an in-game marketplace that you could buy things with using credits. Surely it wouldn’t be using the dreaded micro transactions to allow people to pay their way to […]