Monster hunter world update 4

The latest content update for Monster Hunter World has arrived for Xbox One, PS4 and PC, and with it, a new monster to hunt called Alatreon. Described as a “symbol of destruction… rumoured to control all of the elements”, Alatreon is able to change elemental state to Fire, Ice or Dragon, so it is up to the hunter to come fully prepared for all eventualities. This new monster will be available to hunt for those that have completed Iceborne’s story.

That isn’t all the new monsters you will be facing in this latest update. Following on shortly from Alatreon as part of a limited time even is Tempered Frostfang Barioth. Arriving on 7th August, this variant exhales freezing wind that ices the ground you are stood on. As always, besting these monsters brings the spoils to the table including new armour sets, weapons and decorative pendants.

In between Alatreon and Tempered Frostfang Barioth is a new seasonal event in Seliana. The Sizzling Spice Fest will turn up the heat in the summer months with new meals at the canteen, decorations, a new costume for your Poogie, seasonal gear for your Palico, and to make sure things don’t reach boiling point, a new snowman design. Tickets for hunters can be redeemed against new Passion α+ armour, and new layered armours based on Kelbi and Aptonoth monsters.

A new feature has also been added: players can now make use of the Guiding Academy to create Special Tracks. These are used to draw out specific monsters from the Guiding Lands, to help players earn the loot they need most. But with a new monster, a slew of new items in the Xbox Store usually come too, and once again we haven’t been disappointed. It’s another big list.

First up are the new pendants. Whilst these are only for visual purposes, they help you customise your favourite weapon even further. Today’s Xbox Store additions include:

It is worth noting that the Iceborne expansion is required for all these pendants. There is also a new wave of monster figures to place around your living area. The latest batch includes:

These can be purchased individually, or there is the Monster Figure Bundle 4 that contains all the above for the price of £19.99. Once again, these all require the Iceborne expansion to be able to put on display. That isn’t all for the room decorations however, as there are even more newly released sets on the Xbox Store:

Contained within these sets are various pictures, furniture and music. To be able to use the items contained within, either access them via your room’s music player, or speak to your housekeeper to change things around. Once again though, the Iceborne expansion is required for all these new additions.

Phew, what a list of additions! Of course the beauty here is that you can pick and choose what you want rather than having to buy everything at once, so what takes your fancy? Let us know in the comments!

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1 year ago

“tons” as in ONLY 2 MONSTERS, seriously? THE DEATH OF JOURNALISM.

Richard Dobson
Richard Dobson
Reply to  Essh32
1 year ago

You’ve definitely missed the point here. The “tons of add-ons” the title refers to is the large amount of additional DLC that has just appeared on the Xbox Store for this title. That is the main focus of the article here.