The pieces are lain and the die are cast! Whether it be a chess board or Monopoly, strategy games come in some of the greatest skins and forms that will leave you hooked as you wait for just one more turn, or in some cases, one more hour! Strategy games are, unfortunately, rare on the Xbox One, but that just makes these select ‘5 of the best’ strategy titles even more special. They stand out for being either ahead of the curve, or for just taking strategy and logic into account.

Onwards, sire!

5. Risk: Urban Assault


We’re talking strategy so I suppose I should probably talk about R: UA, huh?

With what the title gives away, we know that this is going to be that cutthroat game of strategy where you take over specific regions for heightened production, filling out requirements for more power, and slowly becoming the friend that isn’t invited over anymore.

Of course, the new Risk is polished up with some Sci-fi. The game seems to be spliced down into small regions of countries for the single player campaign, but the good-old core of Risk is still at large. The only downside seems to be that they added active skills to commanders, making it easier to turn the tide of battle with the click of a button.

4. WWE 2K17


This is not a joke, I swear!

In this game you play a strategic fight as you battle against superstars that have participated in WWE, or against player created models from the Invasion option in the MyCareer section of the game. You can play a quick match of properly timed moves or improperly pressed reversals as you try to retain stamina and health whilst depleting your enemy far enough to win by submission, pinfall or countout.

One of the best parts of the strategy is planning your route through the MyCareer mode. If you have a DLC pack, you can raise your character’s stats to be as strong as some of the heaviest hitters, but where’s the fun in that? If you don’t have the DLC or chose not to take advantage of the setting, you can battle your way through an uphill task as you fight people who are ranked 20 points above your power, needing to manipulate every strategy you know to win the fight to progress and grow in power.

This is not an RTS or turn-based strategy, but it is honestly a game that has an aura of strategy to each fight as you teeter above the precipice.

3. XCOM 2


Oh goodness me this is strategy.

I adore the XCOM series and love the idea, in fiction, of an alien civilization taking over Earth. When the game takes the step in being a turn-based squad game, I can’t help but drool a little at the concept.

In XCOM 2 you will battle against the invasion as the stragglers of the rebellion, fighting against new and exciting aliens that will put your concept of flanking to a whole new level. Add in the new stealth mechanic that allows you to get your crew situated, and you have the basis of a game that is more strategy than fluff. Add in the fact that you need to research and manufacture new gear to get a grip on freedom, and you may just realize how much you hate permadeath.

Remember to say farewell to your comrades, for you will almost certainly lose a few along the way.

2. Tom Clancy’s Rainbow Six Siege


Everybody knows about Tom Clancy games, and they mostly require strategy and stealth. Rainbow Six Siege had a little bit of an issue with that, but it still holds true to the strategy side of things.

You play as a member of the anti-terror squad ‘Rainbow’ and must complete the objectives with as little difficulty as you can plan for. When trying to figure out the path of least resistance, you will find that the drone can be your absolute best friend. As a strategy game goes, it is decent, and most definitely not one of the worst. The game is polished, looks nice, and is a great FPS with strategic elements to it. With a multiplayer mode, facing your friends as enemies, or teaming up with them as squad mates as you try to find the end of the Rainbow, Siege delivers.

1. Prison Architect

prison architect pic 2

Ah Prison Architect! I backed this game when it was still in Alpha, and I must say that it was money well spent.

The developers know what their doing in order to build a Prison that has a high reform rate, and a low death rate of guards and prisoners alike. You will fail, a lot. When I mean a lot, I mean that you will fail tremendously as you try to find that special niche that you fit into; whether that be as the nice warden that reforms and helps the prisoners get out and fix their mistakes, or you could be the one that sends any prisoner to solitary for being found with a spoon. It’s your choice, and your funeral.

Plan out the prison and hope that you get prison labour fast enough, so as to not haemorrhage funds in the middle of the game. Truly an awesome game, and definitely worth checking out. 

Anyhow, that there be 5 of the best strategy games you can play today on Xbox One.

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