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It’s been a while since Haruneko Entertainment released a game on console, in fact, the rather enjoyable action-platformer Amazing Princess Sarah is their most recent foray and that was back in 2016. Nevertheless, they’re here now with a 70s sci-fi inspired, top-down arcade shooter in the form of RoboPhobik on Xbox Series X|S and Xbox One. But this isn’t your ordinary arcade shooter, for it possesses an intriguing gameplay twist!

The unique twist in RoboPhobik is that whenever you’re standing still, the enemies will stop attacking and won’t even move. Therefore, you have to play it smart and think tactically to avoid getting surrounded by the evil robots while using one of the six playable characters – each of whom have a dissimilar playstyle. Only then will you be able to advance through the 50 levels within and witness the rich narrative unfolding, which explores love, hate, and dastardly machines. 

The story itself is set during the early 1970s and the government has secretly created a robot city for experimental purposes. One day, the PAL 9000, a supercomputer in charge of the place, spirals out of control – much to the shock of nobody – and rebels against those who made him. As such, he’s holding scientists hostage and has started plotting to take over the world. A team of highly trained agents are the last hope of wrestling control back and defeating this sinister bot. Something isn’t quite right however, and maybe the robots aren’t the real problem…

Features include:

  • Enemies react to your actions! If you’re about to be surrounded, stop and find a safe place… then go there and keep fighting!
  • 6 playable characters, each with a unique playing style!
  • A story about love, hate and machines, with more than an hour of cutscenes!
  • Save more than 80 scientists and unlock 10 powerful weapons!

To find out what’s actually going on in RoboPhobik, you’ll need to infiltrate the Xbox Store and pay up a fee of £8.39. If you want the full lowdown on whether it’s worth your time though, you should first give our full review a read. Then feel free to leave a comment below and share your thoughts with us.

Game Description:

RoboPhobik is a 70s sci-fi inspired, top-down arcade shooter that has a unique twist: enemies won’t move or attack you while you’re standing still. Use your tactical skills to avoid being surrounded by the robots as you unfold a rich story full of love, hate and machines! During the early 70s, the government created a secret experimental robot city, controlled by a supercomputer called PAL 9000. One day, PAL 9000 went out of control, and rebelled against his creators. He captured the scientists, and started an evil plan to take over the world. In order to regain control over PAL 9000 and its robots, a special team of highly skilled agents has been put together. Some have already entered the city, only to become trapped inside. As Julie, a rookie agent, your goal is to find all your teammates and defeat the evil PAL 9000. But… are you sure you’re on the right side? Are you sure robots are the aggressors?

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