Pack a bag, slap on the sun cream and whack on a pair of shades for a trip to the sunny old coastal town of Sapienza. This isn’t a holiday though, it’s for your next job as the world renowned Agent 47 in the second episode of the HITMAN series. Did we mention it’s now free?

For absolutely zero cost, Xbox One and PlayStation 4 gamers can gain access to Episode 2 by grabbing the HITMAN Spring Pack on their respective digital stores – the Microsoft Store for us then. This offer is only available for a limited time, but once you own it, it’s yours forever.

In Episode 2, you’ll head off to the Italian town of Sapienza which just so happens to be where your next main target resides. Silvio Caruso is a troubled engineer working on a deadly virus that’s capable of infecting literally anyone, wherever they are in the world. You must put an end to both him and the head of the lab overseeing this creation, Francesca De Santis, whilst ensuring the destruction of the virus. And that’s just one of the three Campaign missions present, seeing you wandering through the many alleys and tunnels within the town to pull off the perfect eliminations.

Also included are a dozen Escalation Contracts, over 120 Challenges and 20 levels of mastery to unlock new gear. There’s no harm in giving this HITMAN downloadable content a go for free is there?

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DLC Description:

Welcome to sunny Sapienza! Download the HITMAN Spring Pack and experience everything from Episode 2: Sapienza. Take on the ‘World of Tomorrow’ campaign mission, complete 20 levels of location mastery to earn new gear, unlock more items from Challenge Packs and test your skills in Escalation Contracts – plus get access to Contracts Mode and future Elusive Targets in Sapienza. Downloading the HITMAN Spring Pack will also give full access to everything included in the ‘ICA Facility’ location. The Spring Pack includes: – 3 Campaign missions, including all cut-scenes – 12 Escalation Contracts – 120+ Challenges – 24 Achievements Note: Your saved progress will transfer to the full game, if purchased.


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