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The latest downloadable content pack for Trials Fusion is now available…do you have what it takes to tackle ‘Fire in the Deep’?

Bringing new tracks, new skills games, new challenges and above all else, new achievements, Fire in the Deep will take you below the earth’s surface as you go on a search for hidden secrets.

It’ll cost you £3.99 on both Xbox One and Xbox 360, unless of course you hold a Trials Fusion Season Pass in which case you can jump in on the action for no further cost.

Game Description:

Get on you motorbike within the infernal heat below the earth’s surface with the fourth content pack for Trials Fusion: Fire in the Deep! Excavate deeper underground through bubbling lava, seedy avenues and titanic rock-crushing machinery looking for thrills and hidden secrets… Go underground with our biggest content pack ever released: – 11 new tracks (Complete with 9 classic tracks, one new Skill game & one new FMX track) – 27 new challenges from secret locations to surprising mini-games – New ‘Billy Gruff’ helmet and skin for TKO-Panda – Dozens of new editor objects including mammoth sized heavy-duty machinery, dynamic lava and a genuinely epic train set – 5 new achievements – 10 secret audio logs to be found

Jump on your bike and make the short trip to the Xbox Games Store. You can pick it up on Xbox One and indeed Xbox 360. We’ll have a full review for you soon.

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