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Brought to you by indie developer Angry Mob Games – of Brawlout fame – comes Trinity Fusion, an action-packed neon-soaked roguelite that first brings to mind the Metroid series of titles.

The team will certainly be hoping to replicate similar levels of success brought about by Samus and co. when the game releases onto PC and console come 2023. There’s no better time to drop such a game too; roguelikes and roguelites are really all the rage – just look at the likes of Hades and Enter the Gungeon.

You will assume the role of the Hitchhiker, our kickass protagonist who is linked to three parallel forms of herself across three shattered dimensions, each of which will be navigated across a range of both hand-crafted and procedurally-generated stages, owing to the roguelite nature of the game. What’s more, the actions the player takes in each world will shape the look of the stages going forward, creating a unique experience for each player, and for each replay of what will hopefully be an incredibly addictive romp.

Not only does each region present its own challenges to the Hitchhiker, you’ll be dealing out your fury with a multitude of different weapons throughout, from fast slashes of the blade, to careful and considered ranged combat. What is for sure, however, is that there won’t be a moment to breathe, with fast-paced action at the fore at all times. Bogdan Iliesiu, CEO of Angry Mob Games, had this to say on that exact matter.

“With Trinity Fusion, we wanted to keep making fast paced action games, but move in a darker, more serious direction. We’re planning to launch the game as a closed beta soon to start shaping the game together with our community.”

Whilst each form of the Hitchhiker will also come with her own ability to make use of, where the roguelite element comes into play is, of course, following death. The decisions between playthroughs are all-important: do you keep hold of the weapons gained in one life, or spend your cash on a better weapon in the hope of progressing in the next life? There’s more to consider too: weapons can have elemental effects added to them, as well as mods with different activation conditions, that can boost your damage output and the like mid-run. However, upon death not all is lost, with permanent upgrades being bestowed upon you as you progress through the game.

All playing out in quite a gritty but interesting sci-fi style, you can certainly see where Bogdan is coming from with the “darker, more serious direction”. Yet the plethora of weapons and mods will see you go from strength to strength with colourful attacks as you get one step closer to completion.

Whilst a closed beta is slated to drop soon, those looking to get in on the Trinity Fusion early can head over to EGX 2022 in London, where the devs are presenting their new creation. Eventually, however, Trinity Fusion will be released on PC and consoles, at some point in 2023.

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