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We’ve seen a whole host of new content arrive into the Rock Band library over the weeks and months, pushing forward numerous opportunities for band members to get back together for a bit of a session. This week is no different, except for the fact that the usual double act of tunes that arrive has been increased to a trio of tracks, with songs from All That Remains, Stroke 9, and The Revivalists contributing some of their back catalogue.

Available to buy and add into your Rock Band 4 library right now are three tunes that push home good old alternative rock, with a bit of metalcore thrown in for good measure. This sees the brilliant All That Remains joined by San Fran’s Stroke 9, and Louisiana’s very own The Revivalists coming together to provide some seriously good content. In fact, the following are now in place:

Priced up from £1.29 for Change by The Revivalists, and £1.69 for the other two tunes, these are certainly a cheap and cheerful musical treats for any Rock Band 4 player who wishes to crank out some new tunes. As always, you’ll need to have the base game of Rock Band 4 on Xbox One or PS4 in place to enjoy the melodies, but from there on out you’re free to visit the Xbox Store or PlayStation Store in order to get the latest content tracks added in.

If these don’t suit – perhaps All That Remains is a bit too hardcore or you aren’t a fan of what Stroke 9 or The Revivalists bring – then there are all manner of other tunes available for action too. In fact, the Rock Band 4 library is pretty much bursting at the seams due to the amount of new tunes to have arrived in the game since it first launched on Xbox One and PS4. Make sure you check out the very latest additions from weeks past right here, and then drop yourself down into the comments below to let us know which you decide to nab.

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