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Tronsmart Onyx Ace Pro Earbuds Review


I have always been reluctant to try wireless earbuds, mainly due to the fact that my left inner ear must be an odd shape. It is incapable of holding any sort of earphone inside it for longer than a few minutes. Even wired headphones would somehow dislodge themselves, so an unattached wireless one could escape and be lost forever.

So, tentatively I inserted the Tronsmart Onyx Ace Pro earbuds in, knowing my time with at least one of them may be fleeting.

tronsmart onyx ace pro true wireless earphones 1

It’s been nearly a month now, and I still have both! Having been using them from everything to listening to music, joining conference calls, playing on my Nintendo Switch and of course Xbox Cloud Gaming through Game Pass on my phone, they’ve proven very versatile indeed.

The earbuds themselves look very sleek. Curves in all the right places you could say; a very modern design and feel sturdy enough. The housing for them uses USB-C to charge itself and the buds when inserted. Again, this is a curved design. It’s fine. The lid feels less sturdy though, almost as though it could be easily pulled off without much force.

On the front is a silver fascia with four lights that indicate various things. As well as indicating the level of charge left, it can tell you which earbud is currently being charged. It states there is up to twenty-seven hours of charge in the case at 60% volume and I would be inclined to agree with that. The buds can last around six hours at the same volume, though I can’t think of a time I would need them constantly playing for six hours without giving them a bit of a charge.

There is also a light at the bottom of each earbud, along with two microphones for making and receiving calls.

On the bottom of the case is also a reset button if you are having difficulty pairing them. I have only had one instance where they wouldn’t pair properly, and even then it was only the one earbud. For the most part these have worked flawlessly, even when quickly switching between paired devices; they are responsive and I am almost instantly switched over to the new device.

tronsmart onyx ace pro true wireless earphones 2

And the sound that does come through them is of a very high quality, regardless of the device. When playing Assassin’s Creed Origins on my phone, I love the sound of the busy cities and bazaars. What I don’t like when playing Xbox Cloud Gaming is the sound the rats make in A Plague Tale: Innocence. But it really is testament to the Tronsmart Onyx Ace Pro earbuds that the sound they make is of such a high standard for a small earphone. Likewise, when playing Back 4 Blood, you can pick out the direction your next pursuer is coming from thanks to the stereo sound these are pumping out.

The earbuds themselves have a lot of functionality thanks to a touch area at the top. Depending on what you are using them for also determines what you can do with them. You can answer and end calls if on your phone, turn volume up and down, skip tracks and even activate voice assistant. However, this touch area does take some getting used to. I am often touching the earbuds to make sure they stay in place and have on occasion turned my music up too loud. Thankfully at the time though, I wasn’t listening to anything embarrassing, as the office could here them blaring out Alexisonfire.

They will also turn on and off automatically when being removed from the case. Should that not work, they can be manually turned on at the touch area also.

tronsmart onyx ace pro true wireless earphones 3

As a first pair of wireless earbuds, the Tronsmart Onyx Ace Pro are a great purchase. Their versatility and speed at which they are able to switch between devices is superb, and 99.9% of the time will work straight away. Listen, as a gaming headset, these won’t have a patch on the likes of Turtle Beach or RIG as an out and out gaming headset. But for on-the-go Xbox Cloud Gaming through Game Pass on your phone, these are an excellent choice. Small enough to fit in your pocket without causing any discomfort. And for the price, they offer almost as good a sound and product as the more expensive earbuds, with a battery time that likely outstrips some of the higher end offerings.

If you like the sound of these wireless earbuds – pardon the pun – head over to Amazon where they can be picked up for £28.29, or Tronsmart direct.

Huge thanks go out to Tronsmart for providing us access to the Onyx Ace Pro Earbuds for review. 

Richard Dobson
Richard Dobson
Avid gamer since the days of Sonic the Hedgehog 2. Grew up with the PS1 and PS2 but changed allegiances in 2007 with the release of Halo 3.
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