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Trust GXT 491 Fayzo Headset Review 


Fine. That’s a word you’re going to be seeing a lot of in this review. Okay, is another. 

For the Trust GXT 491 Fayzo dual wireless gaming headset is hardly a world beater. It’s hardly going to get you jumping out of your seat for its audio clarity, design or feel. But that’s fine, because the Trust Fayzo is a headset that costs just £59.99. And you know what? That’s okay. 

Trust Fayzo headset
The Trust Fayzo headset

What isn’t particularly okay is the weird naming structure of the Trust Fayzo headset range. Front and centre, this is a ‘Fayzo’, but it seems like there have been, and still are, numerous versions of that headset on the market. For avoidance of doubt, we’re here, having spent time with the Trust GXT 491 Fayzo; that of the dual, multiplatform wireless headset. Unless you prefer it to be wired, of course. 

Out of the box and it must be said that the Trust Fayzo is fairly stylish, pretty sleek and well created. We’ve been using a white version, complemented by under-headband black cushioning and black earcups. It looks decent enough, especially should the whole black and white panda vibe be something you are looking to rock. 

It is however extremely plasticky. Helping keep the weight down (290 grams), it’s all pretty angular as the headband merges down into the ear cups, retractable to ensure it fits all manner of head sizes. There’s a fair amount of flexibility in the cups too and while these don’t in any way twist or spin in order to sit snugly around your neck, they are comfortable enough to slam on your head, oval cups covering your ears with the entirety of the 50mm drivers within. 

The Trust Fayzo is only adored with some minimal logos too. There’s GXTrust looking classy in silver on each external of the earcups, with an extremely minimal, hard-to-see, bit of branding on the top of the headband too. And whilst we like the sleek, under-the-radar styling, we can’t help but wish for a bit more padding on the underside of that headband. There’s plenty on the cups though, as a pleather and fabric outer casing covers your ears. 

From there, each cup also has a variety of buttons, dials and ports. The right side plays host to a USB-C power port (USB-C to USB-A cable included in the box, but feel free to use any you have scattered around), whilst a power button doubles up for some simple Bluetooth connectivity. Once connected via Bluetooth, the Trust Fayzo seems utterly stable as we’ve made the most of some Game Pass Cloud Gaming through our phone. 

Trust Fayzo headset controls
Packed with controls

That power button is also suited to those looking to use the included USB adapter that Trust have included. A tiny USB-A stick, plugging this into a console of your choice should see you right, as the multiplatform capabilities of the Fayzo come to the fore. We’ve used it on PS5 without worry and no lag, but don’t expect too much Xbox love for this wireless connectivity. For some that may be an issue, for others, they’ll not care. At least the included 3.5mm audio jack cable lets you plug this in directly to an Xbox controller. 

Also on the right ear cup is a second button that controls some LED lighting that emits from both cups. Whether you want things pulsing to light up the dark night sky, or switched off entirely, the Fayzo allows for it. At least, it allows for it if you’re happy with limited colour selection, for we’re seeing nothing but a green/blue combo, similar for blue/purple or (can you guess?) purple and green. We’d love to have had the opportunity to go to town with the colour selections available, but alas, it is just okay in terms of its lighting.

The left cup is equally adored with gimmicks and gadgetry. That 3.5mm audio port that you’ll be looking to utilise with Xbox is in place, as are a couple of volume dials, covering main volumes and a party/game balance. There’s also a mic mute switch sitting above those and whilst it’s decently placed, in use we’ve continually found ourselves hitting the dial below it accidentally. Sausage fingers? Maybe, but it’s something to be aware of. 

And yes, that mic. Fully detachable, it plugs in to ensure you can communicate with your teammates with ease. But much like how this review kicked off, it’s okay at best and we’ve found ourselves ditching the Trust Fayzo for something a bit more premium (our SteelSeries Arctis Nova 7X in case you were wondering) whenever party chat and serious gaming has taken hold. There’s been a weird fuzz and buzz kick in a few times too, seemingly randomly, and that’s not best when you are trying to communicate plans. 

What is nice though is that Trust have seen fit to allow for simultaneous Bluetooth and game connectivity, so if you must be at the beck and call of others wherever you may be, the option is there. For us, we game to switch off, and so haven’t found a particular place for that feature. 

Trust Fayzo headset mic and dongle
You’ve got lights, mic and a dongle

Throw in some 22 hours of promised battery life from Trust (and remember, USB-C to easily charge whenever that is low), some 50mm drivers that get loud and stay relatively clear, and the Trust GXT 491 Fayzo headset covers the bases you would probably want and need from a cheap ish headset option. 

This is not a headset that you are going to be fighting over in the aisles, and you’d probably do well to try and up your budget for a more premium offering, but for £59.99? Well, the Trust GXT 491 Fayzo headset is fine. It’s okay. 

Just don’t come looking for anything more than that and you should be happy…

Huge thanks go out to Trust for providing us with their GXT 491 Fayzo headset for review. Expect to pay roughly £59.99, no matter whether you pick it up from Trust direct in white, black or purple colourways. You’ll also find it on the likes of Amazon.

TheXboxHub may receive a small commission if you purchase with our Amazon affiliate link. 

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