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I don’t care what you say, the lines separating gaming formats have become extremely blurred over the last few years. Gamers are happy to play host to multiple systems, and cross-platform, cross-play support in numerous games means that the whole format wars thing is, thankfully, slowly dying a death. It’s not just across Xbox and PlayStation either, and when Microsoft announced keyboard and mouse support for Xbox One a few years back, that PC line was starting to rub out too. And that is where Trust come in, delivering their multi-platform LED illuminated GXT 881 Odyss semi-mechanical keyboard to the masses.

The Trust LED illuminated GXT 881 Odyss semi-mechanical keyboard works with PC, Xbox One, Xbox Series X|S, PS4 and PS5, coming complete with all manner of fancy additions as it does so. This has advanced anti-ghosting, 10 direct access keys and 12 multimedia keys in place, whilst the promise of semi-mechanical keys should give the typing characteristics of a mechanical keyboard whilst the multicolour LED illumination features six different light modes and adjustable brightness.

Priced at £34.99, it could be said that this is a cheaper – much cheaper – alternative to the brilliant Razer Turret, and on the face of it it seems to come with just as many features. It should certainly be an affordable option for those looking to add a little splash of colour into their gaming lives.

It is with the GXT 881 Odyss Semi-Mechanical Gaming Keyboard which offers all of the benefits from mechanical and membrane keyboards, without the weaknesses. The Trust GXT 881 Odyss gives gamers everything they need to break boundaries, without breaking the bank. The semi-mechanical switches in the Trust Odyss should well ensure that every button press is felt, making the GXT 881 reliable for gamers who want the right feedback during gameplay.

Further to that, up to 19 keys can also be pressed and registered simultaneously thanks to the keyboard’s anti-ghosting, whilst the inclusion of 10 direct access buttons and 12 media function keys give users complete control over media, allowing them to adjust the volume, open mail, play or pause videos, or even mute audio. You can even turn on the game mode which will disable the Windows key, ensuring gamers won’t be accidentally kicked to their desktop screen, giving full control at all times.

Key features include:

  • Full-size keyboard designed specifically for gaming
  • Semi-mechanical keys: conventional technology with the typing characteristics of a mechanical keyboard
  • Multicolour LED illumination in 6 different light modes and adjustable brightness
  • Advanced anti-ghosting: up to 19 simultaneous key pressings
  • 10 Direct access keys and 12 multimedia keys for quick control
  • Special gaming mode to disable the Windows key, for uninterrupted gaming
  • Compatible with PC, PS4, PS5, Xbox One, Xbox Series X

Obviously for those totally ingrained in the PC world, what the Trust GXT 881 Odyss semi-mechanical keyboard brings should be par for the course. But that £34.99 price tag – with it exclusively available from GAME – and the support for Xbox One, Xbox Series X|S, PS4 and PS5 may well mean it deserves a little look. We’d hope it’s a ton better than Trust’s GXT 310 Radius Gaming Headset though.

Check out the trailer from a while back below. Let us know your thoughts.

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