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Want more Planet Coaster? Need more inspiration to complete your park? Well have we got the news for you! Two new DLC packs are launching today for Planet Coaster: Console Edition as we get the chance to time travel back to simpler times with The Vintage Pack or travel the globe with the World’s Fair Pack.

Collectively, these two new additions represent Planet Coaster’s biggest ever content drop. A total of ten new rides, over 250 new blueprints and more than 900 new shops, facilities, buildings and scenery items. But much like the previous DLCs – Spooky Pack and Adventure Pack – these can be purchased separately.

Firstly, The Vintage Pack transports players back to the turn of the 20th Century, where theme parks were just becoming a thing. So, expect to see wooden roller coasters and Ferris Wheels. These new rides may not be the fastest or the craziest, but these throwbacks to yesteryear can provide a new perspective to your bustling theme parks.

With The Vintage Pack you can also add barbershop quartets, trapeze artists and plenty of Victorian scenery to give your guests something completely different to gaze at.

Then, we also have the World’s Fair Pack. If you have ever been to Epcot in Disneyworld then you should feel right at home here. Explore a variety of countries, including the UK, China, USA, Mexico, Morocco and plenty more European destinations. Each location has their own unique scenery including giant food signs, shop panels, door and roof tiles. Everything you need to create your own mini version of the planet. This version though will be lacking the curvature of the real thing, but at least the flat earthers will be pleased.

World’s Fair also includes two duelling roller coasters, the Jixxer and Interceptor that are based on racing motorcycles.

And as usual, everything here will work with the Frontier Workshop, meaning you can share your creations with the world, providing interested parties have the same DLC.

Both The Vintage Pack and World’s Fair will cost you £7.99 on Xbox, but can also be purchased as a bundle for £11.99. We will once again have full reviews incoming soon, so let us know in the comments which one you will be purchasing.

Bundle Description:

The Vintage Pack takes riders back in time with Zephyrus, a high-speed wooden roller coaster reminiscent of the earliest designs. There’s also Aces Sky, where retro biplanes freely navigate a large wooden pipe, and Round the World, a wild Ferris wheel that shifts on its axis. In the World’s Fair Pack, guests will be lining up for Polarity, a rapid transport system powered by magnets, and Jixxer & Interceptor, two duelling coasters locked in a nerve-jangling chase. With even more to discover, grab the Vintage and World’s Fair Bundle and expand your park today!

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