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Earlier this week, 2K revealed the full details of the WWE 2K17 Season Pass for their upcoming wrestling game, throwing all sorts of content at us and slapping on a fairly big price tag of $29.99. Although it brings a discounted price compared to buying the DLC separately, I wondered… Is the WWE 2K17 Season Pass worth it?

Let’s go over the lesser details, and specifically the inclusion of an Accelerator. Personally, I find that a complete and utter waste of money; how hard is it to play the game naturally, unlocking the on-disc content using the WWE 2K17 in-game currency VC? Not hard really. And that’s a real drawback for me because I’d never want to take the shortcut method, but if I go all in for the Season Pass then I’ve got to pay for it regardless. That’s just not fair.

Fortunately, the rest has a real purpose, especially for a long-time fan of the business and a player whom wants lots of old school characters to mix it up with the current stars of the WWE. There are three downloadable content packs included that feature a whole host of playable characters, past and present. A handful of the shock omissions from the main roster have been corrected, with both Gallows and Anderson gaining their rightful places via DLC, just like Aries, Dillinger and to a degree Mojo – I’m not too hyped for him though.

That Future Stars Pack is simply the starter in a three-course meal. The main event comes in the form of a Hall of Fame Showcase, a game type which we won’t find in WWE 2K17 without it. It’s very much a selection of Legends and classic Superstars whom will either be to your taste, or you’ll be disinterested in the choices. There are actually only nine new additions to the roster, despite seeming like more after reading the match list, and that’s because a lot of the opposition in the chosen matches are copies of characters on-disc. Those that are fresh to the scene are relatively unknown to the fans watching the product today, with Michael PS Hayes, Jimmy Garvin and Kerry Von Erich stealing the spotlight. I cannot wait to pit the Freebirds against the New Day, but that’s just one of the many dream matches it’ll allow me to create.


People want to create and customise characters in WWE 2K17, and the Moves Pack will surely come in handy there. If there was a criticism to be had… should I be paying for moves that should already be attached to their respective Superstars e.g. Charlotte’s ‘Swingout Neckbreaker’? No, however, I’m looking forward to a few of the other moves included.

Last but not least is the Legends Pack. This is the pack I’m most excited for, mainly due to the fact I can get my hands on Eddie Guerrero and Sycho Sid. I want to take Brock Lesnar to Powerbomb City, courtesy of the beast of old, Sid. For five characters it’s a little pricey, however, this is a far more appealing pack to the wider audience of WWE fans.

Will the modern day crop of fans buy into a Season Pass full of characters who wrestled before their time? I hope so, because the DLC bolsters the main roster terrifically, and will add new dimensions to your Universe escapades. I reckon it’s going to be well worth picking up, but if you aren’t sure then head over to the WWE Network and watch some of these Legends. You’ll be convinced in no time.

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