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Just recently the Xbox One Games Store has been subjected to all manner of digital game bundles. No longer do you have to worry about deciding between Battlefield 1 and Titanfall 2, because now you can grab the two games in one easy to purchase bundle. And that’s not the only bundle which has released in recent days – but they don’t all come with the same great savings!

Whilst it’s simple enough to hit that ‘purchase and confirm’ button without a care in the world, it got me thinking whether these bundles are actually a good deal for the gamer. Unfortunately, whilst on the face of it they all look bargainous, the truth is a little more disappointing.

Now, if we take the most recent of bundles, the aforementioned Battlefield 1 – Titanfall 2 combo, it must be said that it’s been released at a time, with a price to boot that makes it very enticing. With both games having only just released, chances are you will be looking to save as much cash as possible. And this double pack allows you to do just that because saving a fiver whenever you can is always a good thing. It would obviously have been lovely if we could have been given the heads up on the pack when Battlefield 1 initially released, letting us decide to jump in with both titles straight away, and a slightly larger discount would have also been preferred, but with such a small gap between the two dropping, it won’t affect a huge number of players.

It’s also good to see something along the line of the Beat This Bundle putting together two fairly important Kinect titles – Kung-Fu and Beatsplosion – at one great price. Or at least it would be if the price was that great, because unfortunately it isn’t, only giving us a minuscule saving when compared to picking up each title individually. It is more than disappointing to see a saving of just a couple of quid in place, and really does nothing to tempt in Kinect gamers to the skills that the Virtual Air Guitar Company are showing with their games. If you’re going to give us a bundle, please give it to us with a proper saving…especially since the games have been out for a while.

One further bundle that is quite exciting is that of the Dragon Ball Xenoverse Bundle. Now this is an interesting one as it will immediately be of interest to newcomers to the series; those who have never played a Dragon Ball title before and wish to experience everything it has. Admittedly, veterans of the franchise will have zero interest as they would have quite obviously picked up the first Xenoverse when it originally released, but for those who are just starting to get involved in the whole anime-madness, will be seen as a must have purchase. It also comes with a price that allows you to bascially be able to grab the first game for half price and in itself should be rewarded. 

There have also been a number of Team17 related combinations arriving on Xbox One over the last few weeks and the Indie Heroes Collection, Indies Hero Pack and Variety Pack each bring significant savings over purchasing the numerous games included individually. Whether that’s because the publisher behind it has had success with numerous other bundles – numerous ones for The Escapists spring to mind immediately – I don’t know. But what I do know is that if there has ever been a couple of bundles which bring big savings, these are it. The initial price may seem high, especially in regards the full collection, but the amount of games it brings should see it as a high priority purchase. Bravo Team17, bravo!

So, there are quite obviously a number of different bundles available to grab right now on Xbox One, all with varying degrees of savings attached, but ultimately, I guess the decision is always with the individual buyer. On the whole, as long as you haven’t already jumped the gun and got involved with any of the titles included in the bundle which takes your fancy, then I guess it’s always worth a shot.

I’m sure we would all love to see bigger discounts in place though!

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