GAEMS Sentinel

Want to take your Xbox One on the go? You’ll want to get hold of the GAEMS Sentinel Personal Gaming Environment, and with thanks to GAEMS, we’ve been given the chance to take in an unboxing and first look. Care to join us?

The GAEMS Sentinel Personal Gaming Environment allows you to take your gaming sessions on the go, and provided you have access to a power source, will find that their all-in-one gaming space gives the opportunity for you to get your gaming fix, wherever you are.

Watch below as we take in an unboxing and first look at the GAEMS Sentinel Personal Gaming Environment, dropping an Xbox One X into action and showcasing exactly how things work. With a brilliant Full HD screen and some stunning speakers included in one big black briefcase sized box, it could well be said that the Sentinel is the answer to every gamers’ needs.

It’s not just Xbox One X that the Sentinel is happy working with though and Xbox One S, PS4, PS4 Pro and all manner of other gamers will also find the Sentinel’s housing more than willing to accommodate their console of choice. All you need to do is attach things up with the included HDMI cable, drop some power the way of both the Sentinel and the console, and the job is a good ‘un.

Our full review of the GAEMS Sentinel Personal Gaming Environment is fast approaching so make sure you keep an eye out for it, but in the meantime, for a first look and unboxing, the video below will happily sort you out.

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Massive thanks go out to GAEMS for the opportunity to take in this unboxing and first look of the Sentinel. If you feel like you need a Personal Gaming Environment in your life, then head over to GAEMS direct.

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