kontrolfreek battle royale nightfall xbox one

If you’re serious about your gaming, then you should be serious about the kit you use. And if you are one who is currently totally engrossed in the Battle Royale phenomenon with the likes of Apex Legends, then the latest thumbsticks from KontrolFreek should be for you – the Battle Royale Nightfall. Want to get a first look and unboxing of the Xbox One version?

Available right now for Xbox One and PS4 players to add to their controllers are the KontrolFreek FPS Freek Battle Royale Nightfall thumbsticks.

Performance high-rise sticks are nothing new in the gaming arena, but when KontrolFreek come out fighting, then you just have to sit up and listen, and that is definitely the case here.

All black in colour and running as the perfect enhancements to any first or third person shooter, the Battle Royale Nightfalls are a thing of beauty, as you can see in our first look and unboxing video below.

Coming with a customised grip, the promise of increased comfort and the draw of improved accuracy when these are attached to your controller, anyone who wishes to be a big player across the Battle Royale genre as a whole, would do well to pick up a set.

Our full review of the KontrolFreek Battle Royale Nightfall thumbsticks for Xbox One is on its way. It’ll be with you in the days ahead in fact, but for now, watch below as we take in a quick unboxing and first look at the Nightfall sticks.

If you wish to pick up a set for yourself then KontrolFreek will be able to sort you out. And don’t forget, if you like the video below then we’d love you to hit those Subscribe and Like buttons.

Massive thanks go out to KontrolFreek for the supply of the Battle Royale Nightfall thumbsticks.

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