Love it or loath it, Call of Duty is everywhere and to celebrate the recent arrival of Call of Duty WWII, EXG have crafted a rather lovely device holder. Want to get a closer look at the collectible Ronald “Red” Daniels?

Available to purchase right now, “Red” is the WWII Private who rose to fame throughout the campaign of Call of Duty WWII. Standing at 8 inches high, Daniels will happily hold your device of choice – whether that be a mobile phone, an Xbox One controller or PS4 gamepad – as you prepare yourself for another battle.

A 3 metre long charging cable comes included in the box and as you can see in the video below, this will let you charge your controller as Private Daniels holds it safe from harm.

Combine this latest Private with the Simon “Ghost” Riley device holder and not only will you be able to ensure your controllers of choice are constantly charged and safe from danger, but you’ll most definitely be showing your love for the Call of Duty franchise as a whole.

If you wish to get hold of either “Red” or “Ghost” then Amazon should be your next port of call. The video below will give you a quick rundown of what is included in Red’s box, along with a first look at the man himself. If you wish to know more about Ghost, then hit this link for a similar look.

Whether you are interested in purchasing them for yourself, or need something to add to your Xmas list, then both of these device holders should surely be something to think about.

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