We’ve previously covered the KontrolFreek Alpha and the KontrolFreek CQC Signature Edition thumbsticks for Xbox One, but now KontrolFreek are offering us gamers a better deal – a pack that contains both the Alphas and CQC Signatures! Want to check them out in our unboxing?

Watch below as we unbox the KontrolFreek Alpha Gamerpack for Xbox One, a pack which contains two low-rise Alpha thumbsticks, and two more CQC Signature sticks. Combining the two different styles in one pack is a bit of a masterstroke by KontrolFreek as whilst the extra wide concave and dimpled green Alphas bring a more comforting feel, the CQC Signature editions are a mid-rise pair which improve your grip and bring better control. When put together, your gaming skills are surely going to raise!

Of course, with this being a four-pack of sticks, how you decide to go into battle is completely up to you and the option is there to mix and match, or head into a session with a solid pairing behind you.

You can read our full reviews of the Alpha sticks and the CQC Signatures on these links, and if you like what you are reading, then we advise you to head over to KontrolFreek right now and drop the $24.99 required for this pack.

For now though watch as we unbox the KontrolFreek Alpha Gamerpack thumbsticks for Xbox One.

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