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Unboxing the Secret Lab Titan Stealth Gaming Chair


Back in the middle of September 2017, we told you that Secret Lab were finally hitting the UK. After originally focusing their efforts on other areas, it’s great news for gamers on UK, and European, shores that there is another option in the gaming chair market. One of those options is the Titan Stealth – a chair that has been built for the taller, larger gamer in mind – and thanks to Secret Lab, we’ve got one to take a look at. Want to check out our first look and unboxing of the Titan Stealth?

Watch below as we unbox the Secret Lab Titan Stealth gaming chair. View the first moments of opening the box, checking out the contents and then spending a bit of time assembling the whole thing, before we finish with the final product – a lovely black, red and copper detailed gaming chair that tilts, twists, swivels and rises depending on the lucky sitter/seater/gamer.

Our full review will be with you very soon, but for now, hit up the video below as we Unbox the Secret Lab Titan Stealth gaming chair.

As always, if you like the video, please give us a thumbs up, a like, a subscribe and all the usual stuff. It is all hugely appreciated and massive thanks must go to Secret Lab for giving us the opportunity to look at the chair.

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4 years ago

The quality of your blogs and articles are worth appreciating. I am youtube live streamer most of the time i stick my back on hard plastic chair, I just heared of this confortable chair and within a coulple of minutes I placed the order from gaming chair with footrest Can you please suggest me some more cool stuff ?

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