2015 is here and whilst the busy months of October and November may have been and gone, January looks set to kick the new year off in style. Come join us as we take a look at the few, but big, upcoming Xbox One and Xbox 360 titles of January 2015.

Saints Row: Gat Out of Hell – Xbox One & Xbox 360

January 20th sees the return of the craziness and stupidity that is Saints Row with the 5th title in the series. Saints Row: Gat Out of Hell sees you playing as either Johnny Gat or Kinzie Kensington from the Saints as they tackle the underworld filled with enemies and extremely weird weapons to ultimately save the boss of the Saints from the deathly grip of the devil Satan himself.

Releasing as a digital download for Xbox 360 and in a physical bundle for Xbox One, the next gen game comes bundled along with Saints Row IV: Re-elected, a remastered edition of Saints Row IV from 2013.

Why Should You Buy It? Well, it’s got Saints Row’s massive ego with the addition of a much wider open world.

gat out of hell pic 1

Terraria – Xbox One

Oh, Terraria! How did you do it? You managed to be like Minecraft without being a Minecraft clone. Yes, the popular block mining and crafting title is coming to Xbox One. Following its massive success on last gen Xbox in recent years and it’s release as a digital title a few months back, Terraria is now coming to the next gen in the form of a physical copy on the 30th January. It’s just like Minecraft in the way that it’s open world allows you to mine pixelated blocks and then craft things with those blocks but the 2D game is much more complex than its cousin. This is because you can fight bosses, upgrade armour and weapons and scavenge for many variations of other upgrades throughout.

Why Should You Buy It? It’s much more ambitious than Minecraft – perfect for more hardcore gamers.

terraria pic 1

Rugby 15 – Xbox One & Xbox 360

Rugby 15 is the newest title, out January 23rd in the UK and in February for North America, in the rugby series and is a sports title that has all the TOP 14, PRO D2, Aviva Premiership Rugby and PRO12 official licences. Letting you play as your favorite team along with the addition of European teams with the inclusion of Guinness PRO12 which brings Wales’, Scotland’s, England’s and Italy’s finest teams into one single league.

Why Should You Buy It? Rugby finally fills the gap for rugby games in the market so be sure to get it for that very reason.


Dying Light – Xbox One

Zombie fans rejoice because Techland are releasing a zombie survival thriller on the 27th January that goes by the already scary name of Dying Light.

Techland? You may ask. Yes, they are the devs behind Dead Island and Dead Island Riptide. Yes, Riptide may have been a bit of a disappointment but Dying Light looks to change that with its Mirrors Edgy parkour traversal system and the fact that the game has been moulded into a good old proper zombie survival horror. The genre is mostly shown through the day-night cycle which sees you scavenging for supplies by day with only some regular undead to deal with, but then trying with all your strength to not get eaten inside out by the pants-soilingly scary monsters called ‘Volatiles’ by much-feared night.

Dying Light is only out for Xbox one as the realistic, gory zombie dismemberment is no doubt too much for our last gen consoles to handle.

Why Should You Buy It? Dying Light is a real zombie survival game and more than makes up for Techland’s previous attempts at the genre. When it comes out, zombie fans should get it.

dying light pic 1

January is looking like kicking 2015 off in style. Which will you be buying? Let us know in the comments below.



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