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Upcoming Xbox Exclusives: Games to Watch Out for in 2024


Could you ever imagine how far Xbox games would come? With each new generation, Microsoft pushed the boundaries further. As for the exclusives, they used to be good. With time, they became great. In recent years, we’re getting close to amazing

Is 2024 the year when Xbox will finally prove that it’s the right choice of a console because of its exclusives? Let’s see!

What to Expect from Xbox Exclusives in 2024

Xbox has announced a long list of upcoming games for 2024 and beyond. They promise imaginative narratives and an outstanding user experience. Players are mostly interested in the legendary Halo series, but we shouldn’t underestimate the hype around Fable. The excitement about upcoming releases is real, so we must remember the importance of balancing gaming activities with academic responsibilities. If you’re a student who likes gaming, you’re expected to complete each essay and research paper on time. If it’s impossible to keep up with your gaming and academic assignments all the time, you can hire an essay writer to help. Professional writers are experienced in writing on different topics, so you can expect great results even if the deadline is close. It’s important to have a realistic approach to your life as a student. You can have both leisure and academic success; you just need to balance well. As for the games exclusively developed for Microsoft’s Xbox, they will provide many hours of fun!   

We expect exclusives to continue bringing innovation. Some of the most beloved franchises will return (Halo, Fable, and Perfect Dark). Should we mention the fact that the Xbox Series X consoles are impressive? From graphics to performance and gameplay, every feature is enhanced! Game developers have much more capabilities to work with. We expect to see more open-world exploration and dynamic multiplayer modes. Xbox exclusives are also likely to offer greater diversity, including shooters, racing, and role-playing games.

The Return of a Legendary Halo Franchise

The Halo franchise became synonymous with the Xbox brand from the moment it was launched. Many players decided to get an Xbox instead of a PlayStation console because of this game. Halo made an important mark on gaming culture. And that’s why we’re all excited about its return. There’s some criticism about it being shallow. However, players have no doubts about it being intense and exciting. 

Over the recent years, Halo has lost some of its shine. In 2023, serious improvements brought many fans back. At the moment, there are no official announcements about a new version of the game. But 343 Industries announced more improvements in the multiplayer aspect, so we expect some major updates. What exactly? New weapons, modes, maps, and armor cosmetics wouldn’t be bad!    

Indiana Jones and the Great Circle

If we had to choose a single game surrounded by the most anticipation by fans, it’s this one. MachineGames is going to launch the game with a period of exclusivity for Xbox. Although the game will be inspired by the film series, it will have an original narrative. What fans love about Indiana Jones games is the adventure. This game will take them on a globetrotting journey packed with ancient mysteries. 

The developers haven’t announced an official release date. But their plans are to introduce the game in November/December 2024. There’s quite a bit of waiting to do, but the excitement will only get bigger by the end of the year. 

Fable 4

Are you into whimsical fantasy worlds? The Fable series made them even more attractive with its morality-based gameplay and humorous tone. With this game, Lionhead Studios captivated players from the very beginning. We don’t know too much about the reboot, but we know that the studio is working on it.

Fable is known for its rich storytelling, vibrant landscapes, and dynamic gameplay. With new hardware at their disposal, the developers will improve the visuals and immersive environments. The essence of the game will remain the same: players will make moral choices that shape the world around them. 

Fable’s imaginative world has the potential to attract new players to Xbox. We can’t say it’s the best game ever, but it’s quite innovative and worth trying. It’s not a hard game, so anyone can play it. But the challenges are there, so they motivate players to go forward. It’s no wonder why we’re excited about its comeback.


Obsidian Entertainment has been announcing this game since 2020. With their track record of delivering rich narratives, we were intrigued right from the start. Avowed promises an intricate fantasy world set in the mystical land of Eora. Guns and swords, spells and danger — the game promises a lot!

The release is confirmed for 2024, but we don’t have an exact date. 


Xbox enthusiasts have great things to look forward to this year. The lineup of exclusive titles is not limited to the ones we listed above. It’s rather impressive, and it’s a good reason for players to choose Xbox over PlayStation. 

Exclusive titles are important because they show the capabilities of the hardware and software. However, they also foster a sense of community and loyalty among players. They offer unique experiences that can only be found on Xbox. We’re not disappointed with this year’s announcements. We just need to wait and see if they live up to the hype. 

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