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22?!? Yep, that’s right, the Rocksmith Variety Song Pack XXII has now hit home, bringing with it four new tunes to push the already overflowing Rocksmith library further into the deep stuff. And you know what, it’s a pretty damn decent list of tunes too!

So, those familiar with the way the Rocksmith guitar tutoring world works will know that each and every week we get access to a number of new songs to purchase, download, learn, play and master, with some weeks dealing specifically with certain bands or genres, whilst others see a whole range of mix and match moments. It is the latter which we are seeing today as the 22nd Variety Song Pack has hit the Rocksmith world… and if you’re up for a bit of diversity in your musical melodies, this one will see you right.

Available to purchase and download right now, the Rocksmith Variety Song Pack XXII contains the following tunes –

  • ‘Counting Blue Cars’ – Dishwalla
  • ‘From the Pinnacle to the Pit’ – Ghost
  • ‘Alison Hell’ – Annihilator
  • ‘Long Tall Sally’ – Wanda Jackson

Coming in at a price point of £7.99, as you can see from the tunes included, the Variety Song Pack XXII is certainly that – one full of a strange mix of songs. But in case you are down with the likes of ‘Alison Hell’ from Annihilator’s late ’80s debut LP, but couldn’t care less for the brilliance of Swedish rockers Ghost, each of these tunes are also available individually, with a £2.39 price attached. That should be music to the ears of those alternative rock Dishwalla fans who just wish to hark back a couple of decades to count some blue cars, or fans of the Queen of Rockabilly, Wanda Jackson.

As always, it matters little whether you are blasting out the tunes on Rocksmith 2014 Edition or the newer Rocksmith Remastered, and it also doesn’t matter if you’re rocking on Xbox One, Xbox 360, PS3 or PS4. This pack and the tunes it contains will work on any of those formats – just be sure you pick the one closest to your ecosystem. For us that obviously means hitting up the Xbox Store, spending a bit of cash and then spending the next week trying to master a new tune, but we won’t judge you if you prefer to do the same via the PlayStation Store.

Whatever you do, just let us know in the comments down below if the Rocksmith Variety Song Pack XXII is one that tickles your musical tastebuds. If it is, which of the tunes are you going all-in with? If not, what exactly do you need to see added to Rocksmith? There have been a whole ton of weekly additions that have arrived over the years, and so chances of not having a band or genre that floats your boat is extremely small.

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