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It’s only been in development for a year or so, but after taking a prototype version of the game to EGX Rezzed last year, the response was so overwhelming that the development team at Repixel8 just had to push on with full creation of Velocity G. And that is where we stand today, with a release of the game on Xbox One.

Already released on Steam, Velocity G is now available to purchase and download on Xbox One, providing gamers with yet another anti-grav racer to compete with the likes of LIGHTFIELD and the upcoming Pacer.

Coming in at a price point of just £3.99, you can instantly see the appeal of Velocity G and why those Rezzed crowds were so taken by it. Completed by a simple but lovely cel-shaded visual style, Velocity G plays on the futuristic racing angle, with a game set in the year 2086. It is here where you’ll get to experience a Zero G environment with hard and fast racing that comes with a unique 360 degree tunnel mechanic.

Throw in a cracking 1980s electro beat, hundreds of tracks to race across and multiple environments ensuring repetition and boredom never get the chance to raise a glass, the draw of Velocity G is an obvious one, even more so when you consider a full 4-player split screen option is in play and championship rankings are there for the taking.

We’ll have a full review of Velocity G on Xbox One blasting its way towards your eyes real soon, but for now, should you like what you are seeing you’ll do well to pick up the game from the Xbox Store. Don’t forget, you can grab Velocity G on Steam too.

Features include:

  • Unique 360 degree tunnel racing mechanic.
  • Race through hundreds of procedurally generated tracks across 8 unique themed environments.
  • Various race types including Multi-lap, Sprint, Slalom, Drag Strip.
  • Single player or split screen multiplayer mode supporting up to 4 local players.
  • Unlock and customise new racers.
  • In-game currency for purchasing upgrades and powerups.
  • Cool cel-shaded visuals.
  • Global championship leaderboards.
  • Available on Steam and Xbox One.
  • Xbox One X enhanced with 4K visuals.

Game Description:

It’s the year 2086 and the Velocity G anti gravity racing championship is on. Experience incredible high speed action as you race across exiting Zero-G tracks, through various environments. You’ll need to take the optimum racing line, make strategic use of collectible enhancements and avoid damage to win races so that you can upgrade your racer, compete at higher levels and rise up the Velocity G championship rankings. Race single player in the Velocity G Championship, or team up with 2-4 local players to compete against your friends in split screen multiplayer mode.

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