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Warframe’s The Deadlock Protocol update is live on Xbox One, PS4 and Switch

Warframe The Deadlock Protocol xbox

It’s an exciting time to be invested in the free-to-play co-op action game Warframe as the new update on Xbox One, PlayStation 4 and Nintendo Switch brings a whole load of changes. That’s right, The Deadlock Protocol is packed with re-envisioned quests, visual upgrades, a new Warframe, and more.

The 43rd Warframe to enter the fray as part of the update is Protea. Led by the powerful ability to stop enemies in their tracks by rewinding time (using an ability called the Temporal Anchor), Protea’s array of offensive and defensive grenades, drones, and turrets brings a tactical edge to the fight. You can investigate her origin story in order to uncover details about the former Corpus head bodyguard via her own unique Quest. Doing this also enables you to acquire a variety of technologically advanced weapons from the new Corpus Armor Set and Primary Rifle as well as the Gunblade Melee, new Kitguns and others.

The Deadlock Protocol looks to weave larger-scale story implications into the modern Warframe narrative too. Through a combination of both combat and discovery, Tenno will learn that a small Corpus sub-faction has begun a rather devious plan to resurrect the faction’s founder; a revival posing an alarming new threat to the Origin System’s balance. Determined to strengthen their armada and bolster a growing space fleet against the Sentients and the Tenno, the Corpus’ plans for unbridled power must be put to an end. Do you have what it takes to confront the new Corpus threat?

It’s worth noting that nearly every aspect of the Corpus’ early environment has now been upgraded, starting with the gameplay. Fresh challenges begin with the renewed Jackal boss, with the fight sequence extended across multiple levels, daring you to rethink your chosen tactics. Furthermore, the new Granum Crowns bring a spendable currency that opens up a wild variety of gameplay options, including being transported to a surprising new Corpus netherrealm. And finally, nearly every wall, corridor, and room supports parkour mobility – that’s pretty cool, we’re sure you’ll agree.

You can check out everything The Deadlock Protocol update offers in Warframe on console for free and if you’ve never played it, just download it from the digital store of your preferred platform – so, the Xbox Store for us.

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