Fresh content for Hitman is never hard to find – if it’s not the introduction of new free bonus missions courtesy of the guys at IO Interactive, then it’s the near infinite selection of player made contracts that can be undertaken from the main menu. But for those looking for something truly challenging, the go-to option is always going to be the Elusive Targets.

Elusive Targets are one off contracts that pop up from time to time, and are a part of the live content being published for Hitman in-between episodes. Elusive Targets are no easy task and it will take plenty of planning as well as the perfect execution to pull them off.

For those agents with the required skill, listen in, your task is simple: Eliminate Adeze Oijofor – aka The Warlord, and retrieve the specific maps and requested digital files from the location. Do this and you will find yourself earning exclusive in-game rewards.

Elusive Targets are specially crafted missions that come with their own set of rules. Each target offers players a one-time only contract and are only available in-game for a limited amount of time. Intel on the target will be extremely limited and the target will not appear via the in-game instinct mode and as such the mini-map locations will not be made available to you. Each target requires exceptional planning with each mission’s success or failure based on your one attempt, meaning if you die during the mission, there’s no second attempt. Finally, if you fail to start the mission within the given 168 hours, you miss out for good.

Those looking to jump into the latest in Hitman’s live content can do so now on Xbox One, PS4 and PC, with The Warlord Elusive Target available to all players until Friday 17th February 2017.

So, with your mission details confirmed and your flight booked, it’s up to you to put your skills to the test. Good Luck Agents.

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