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Is there a more generic title than Warrior Boy? Perhaps ‘Game of War’ takes that particular biscuit (thanks, mobile F2P). Still, we’re noting it down for a ‘worst titles of 2021’ article at the end of the year. 

We really, really want to be proved wrong about Warrior Boy, but the trailer and screenshots look leagues away from ‘promising’. This is a third-person action-adventure game in the same vein as Maximo or the recent Effie, casting you as a lowly boy who finds a magical gem that gives him similarly magical powers, before he is ambushed by goblin raiders. You get hit by an arrow, stuffed in a chest, and your adventure truly begins. Warrior Boy is out today on Xbox One and Xbox Series X|S.

What worries us most is that the trailer, the statement-making asset for Warrior Boy, is riddled with dozens of audio and graphical bugs. It shows an extremely rudimentary hack-and-slasher, with some perfunctory graphics, and combat that’s best described as one-note. Check it out yourself by hitting up the Xbox Store page where you’ll find the game for a cool £25.49: it doesn’t inspire confidence. 

We’ve been wrong before, and there may have been plenty of time for TADVGames Studio to level up Warrior Boy from what’s been shown in the trailer. We do know that it’s a one-player experience, and the emphasis is as much on dodging the attacks of enemies as it is fighting. Wands and bombs will soon replace your sword, so there are options beyond melee, and you will be collecting coins and gems to access further weaponry.

Screenshots show that the initial homestead develops into mines and desert areas, while you will be facing off against ent-like beasties, and using area-of-effect attacks. Beyond that, we don’t know much: this is one that we will review as soon as we can, confirming our fears or utterly debunking them. Take your bets now. 

Promised features do include:

  • The warrior boy is one player.
  • You have to face the enemies and beat them.
  • There are different enemies some of them have arrows that they can shoot at you, try to skip their arrows and kill them.
  • Use the sword or bombs to fight them and overcome them.
  • Kill 4 enemies to get a magic wand that you can use to kill enemies faster.
  • Available on Windows 10 and Xbox One consoles, including Xbox One X.

Warrior Boy is out now on Xbox One and Xbox Series X|S.

Game Description:

A boy who lives in the Middle Ages found many jewelry and collected jewelry and put them in a box without knowing that there are people who live in neighboring villages looking for these jewelry and they are enemies for each other and there were battles going on between them to obtain these jewelry and kill everyone who has one of these jewelry and not Belonging to the same tribe, we thought that it would keep them safe and happy and make them live forever. They discover that there is a boy who got these jewelry and put it in a box, and they all agreed to unite among them, attack the boy, steal the jewelry box and build a mine to reproduce it and distribute it to the villages.

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9 months ago

Nobody cares. Go to Playstation

9 months ago

You do realise Ps4 has Life of Black Tiger don’t you? Literally the worst game released on last gen!

9 months ago

Yeah definitely going to switch to Playstation after watching that shit ass trailer for this shit ass game. Like wtf are yall even putting out anymore. Like 90%of your games are already fucking single-player, and now you’re just pushing out shit ass games for what?