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Warzone Hacks & HWID Spoofer – A Lethal Combination that Will Keep You Winning


Warzone can be a ton of fun but the competition is pretty high these days. A good portion of the playerbase has reached high levels of gameplay which can put a damper on the experience. Given how matchmaking can be a bit out of whack, you’re always bound to run into more than a few tryhards. And that’s not always fun.

Sometimes you just want to kick back and enjoy the popular FPS battle royale without needing to try too hard. Or maybe you don’t have the time to “git gud” and want to just feel powerful for a bit before returning to cruel reality.

Whatever your reason may be, having a good old-fashioned fun time is made possible by IWantCheats.Net with Warzone hacks that include Aimbots and ESP Wallhacks.

Why Use Hacks to Play Warzone?

We get it. There’s a whole stigma surrounding the use of hacks and cheats to play multiplayer games like Warzone. From claims of ruining the game to assertions of how bad cheaters are, we’ve heard it all. But this mindset is dead wrong.

Using hacks isn’t done out of malice nor is there a desire to ruin other people’s fun. It’s to temporarily level the playing field so that more players can enjoy Warzone. Genuinely solid players know they’re pro at the game. There’s nothing actually stripped away from them when some people use hacks.

So, as long as you’re doing it out of pure enjoyment, then you’re likely not as morally bereft as some may claim. However, there’s a line that you don’t want to cross. Don’t use hacks to bully or humiliate others. Stay humble and be sure you’re not genuinely mean and you should be fine.

How to Avoid Anti-Cheats with HWID Spoofer?

Regardless of your intentions for using Warzone hacks, the developers don’t want you doing it. They do everything they can to prevent you from using third-party software to give yourself a leg-up. From the get-go, you’re the enemy of the game’s community and the moment you’re caught, you’re immediately slapped with a ban. One of the most popular methods they use to accomplish this is by way of what is called hardware identification, or HWID.

Think of this as your computer’s calling card; when a dev’s anti-cheat system sees your HWID and knows you’ve used hacks, you’re barred from playing the game. The answer is to use a HWID Spoofer.

This handy piece of software can fool the system by disguising your HWID. As far as it’s concerned, you’re playing on a completely different computer so you can join Warzone and use hacks without fear of a ban. When your spoofed HWID is kicked to the curb, you can just switch it up and rejoin the game.

What Hacks to Use to Win at Warzone

Now that you know that using hacks doesn’t make you a bad person and that you can use HWID Spoofers to stay in the game, it’s time to see what kind of Warzone hacks are out there.

Right off the bat, the most popular hack that helps you win is an aimbot. There are several different kinds but they all do the same thing. They make you a lot more accurate when shooting enemy players. If you’re thinking this is like aim assist, you’re not completely wrong. The difference is that aim assist is merely designed to make minor corrections to your reticle to help level the playing field for players using gamepads. Aimbots in Warzone do more than just adjust your aim; they can help you land your shot far more consistently. Depending on the aimbot you use in Warzone, you can be completely off with your aim and still land a headshot. There are also Silent Aimbots that are toned down to avoid detection from other players so you don’t get reported for cheating.

Wallhacks are another great way to edge out the competition. They allow you to see through walls by adjusting certain properties in the game world. This kind of hack is particularly handy in Warzone when you consider that opponents can get the jump on you from anywhere. Being able to see them hiding behind walls is a great way to ensure you’ll have the last laugh, no matter how clever they think they are. This one can be particularly easy for other players to recognize, though, so you’ll have to be as less obvious about using a wallhack as possible.

With Warzone, you can also use radar hacks that show you enemy positions right on your map and minimap. They say that knowledge is power, so imagine how much more you can win if you know where your adversaries are at all times. Radar hacks feel like real superpowers and they’re also pretty hard for players to identify when you use them. With such large maps, it’s quite tough to tell who is using a radar hack and who isn’t.

As you can probably tell, Warzone hacks and HWID Spoofers are a powerful cocktail that’ll boost your ability to win more matches and dominate the battlefield.

TXH loves nothing more than kicking back at the end of the day, controller in hand, shooting the hell out of strangers via Xbox Live.

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