This time last week we were telling you all about the week’s best videos, new articles and review pieces that arrived on TheXboxHub’s pages. But since then we’ve had another seven days chock full of new pieces – want us to round up our favourite Xbox articles from the 17th-23rd April 2016?

Enter the beautiful world of Valley on Xbox One, PS4 and PC this summer

In a complete and utter change from their previous game, Slender: The Arrival, Blue Isle Studios have announced that they will be bringing the stunning world of Valley to our consoles later this year.

It couldn’t be further from Slender if they tried, but Valley promises to let you explore a wonderful world, uncovering secrets as you go about your journey. Equipped with a the L.E.A.F. suit that enables you to jump higher and move faster than ever before and you should be able to see why we are looking forward to taking a trip to the Valley.


‘Hoops’ gets a Rocket League release date!

There is no debating the fact that Rocket League is a hugely enjoyable game. Whether you play it alone, or team up with friends or strangers, chances are you’ll have been dragged in to the hot fast gameplay that it delivers more than once – and a whole ton more than you really wanted to.

Well, things will soon be changing as Pysonix get ready to drop a basketball court into play. ‘Hoops’ will appeal to all those who like to send their car flying through the air, ready to slam dunk the ball into a net and score the ultimate showstopping point. It may not be here as we type this, but by the time you’re reading it…well, Rocket League may just have moved on another huge notch!

rocket league hoops

Pang Adventures Review

You may remember playing a Pang game many moons ago. If you do, you’ll probably be pretty excited to see that the Pang Brothers are back and now available on Xbox One. Bringing nearly 100 levels of ball bursting madness, a Score Attack mode that compliments the main campaign AND a manic Panic Mode that urges you to try and reach wave 99 without dying too much, Pang Adventures is a great little playthrough that gets better when you decide to join up with a partner.

Our full review is now live and will be more than happy to point you in the right direction.

pang review 4

DiRT Rally Review

If you’re after a new racer, then the chances are you would have been taking a sly look at DiRT Rally. The kings of racing are back with another installment, this time on Xbox One, and with the rich history of rally and racing titles behind the studio, chances are Codemasters will be whipping up something a little special.

That is pretty much the case too. Racing fans will absolutely adore the latest in the DiRT series, with a huge experience that allows for multiple tweaks to your car, and some of the best timed racing that you’re likely to find anywhere on a gaming system.

But it is the in depth nature that may well scare away those sitting on the fence. Although taking one look at our review and we reckon you won’t be able to resist!

dirt pic 4

Unboxing the Xbox One Special Edition Copper Shadow Wireless controller

Whether you’re a collector or just someone who needs a new Xbox One pad, the brand new Special Edition Copper Shadow Wireless controller for Xbox One should be right near the top of your list.

The stunning design is obviously the main selling point, but with all the usual features in place, albeit missing the delightful textured back that adorns the Lunar White controller, the Copper Shadow will woo all-comers. Fancy getting a look at how beautiful it is? Our unboxing video is below! Check it out – and don’t forget to subscribe to us on Youtube.

That’s it for this week. We hope you enjoy the catch up and will be back again same time next week with another installment of A Week In The Hub. Cya!


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