It’s the weekend again and that must mean we’ve had another week of full on Xbox news and reviews. Want us to let you know about the best stuff? You know, the articles from the 1st-7th May that you really can’t be missing out on?

Our pleasure!

Dark Souls III – How does it compare to its predecessors?

Dark Souls III has now been out a month or so. In that time, Tobias has thrown many an hour into the mysterious new world that it brings and whether you’re bothered about the stunning environments, the wonderful lore or just want to take on some of the biggest, baddest enemies you’ll ever find in a video game, his thoughts are well worth a read. As a self confessed Souls fan he was more than happy to tell us exactly how good Dark Souls III is and how well it compares with its predecessors.

Dark Souls III had some big shoes to fill, but thankfully it seems to have filled them fully!



If there was one game which we were hotly anticipating on Xbox One, then SUPERHOT would be it.

The time bending mechanics, the unique visual look and the chance to listen to us being told that we’re SUPER HOT over and over again was perhaps too much for us to ignore.

But hype alone doesn’t mean that a game is worth your cash – the gameplay and story told have to both be of a high enough quality to ensure the money asked is something that we are happy to spend. Does it all come together in a nice package? Very nearly is the answer but our review will give you the full details.

superhot pic 2

Azkend 2 Review

When 10tons deliver a new game onto the market, we sit up and take notice. After wowing us with a couple of stunning Sparkle games, the guys are now back with a new Match-3 game that oozes quality.

Azkend 2 sees you attempting to match hexagonal tiles of a similar nature, finishing off multiple challenges and messing around forever more with a number of power ups that bring something new to the genre.

With a clear, crisp visual style and a price point to tempt you in, chances are you would have been giving Azkend 2 a little glance. Well, our review is here and tells you just how good it is. If you’re still not convinced though, we’re currently giving copies away. Full details on how to win are here.


Coffin Dodgers Review

Everyone loves a kart racer and with Milky Tea Studios and Wales Interactive giving us the chance to take a trip to Sunny Pines Retirement Village, we had high hopes that Coffin Dodgers would give us the same joy that we’d experienced many moons ago with the likes of Mario Kart, Crash Team Racing or, that golden oldie, Road Rash.

So getting the chance to hop onto a mobility scooter, equip ourselves with rockets, uzis and oil spills, before tearing it up around the delightful roads of the village was something we couldn’t turn our noses up at. But does it match up to any of those previous racers? Our review is right here!


Battlefield 1 official reveal trailer…revealed!

We leave you this week with something that requires no words…Battlefield 1 has been announced and the reveal trailer is, quite frankly, nothing short of stunning. Just. Watch. It.

Catch you next week

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