After what can be considered a considerably quieter week now that the madness of Gamescom is over, we’ve still got a few interesting bits and pieces to go over. So, let’s get stuck in and take a look back at the articles which stood out for the week of 21st-27th August.

Mafia III soundtrack details – it’s massive!

Holy smokes! The Mafia III soundtrack is an absolute winner.

Due to the setting of the game being in the 60s, the developers wanted to ensure everything looks, feels and more importantly, sounds like you’re in that era. Having a soundtrack of massive hits from the 60s certainly goes a long way to achieving a perfect atmosphere. Very rarely are we sold on a game just by finding out the tracks that we’ll be hearing in-game but, we can’t wait to be singing along to the classics of The Four Tops, Aretha Franklin and Johnny Cash, whilst adhering to the Mafia way of life.

mafia 3

Free Xbox Games With Gold titles for September 2016 announced!

As always, we’ll be giving a full opinion on whether the next set of Games With Gold for September are actually any good, but we had to give them a mention.

Two of the biggest franchises get the nod for next month – Assassin’s Creed’s 2.5D spin-off Chronicles set in China and the inaugural Forza Horizon, just in time to create hype for the third instalment of the series. Then there’s the original gaming parkour expert, Faith, turning up in Mirror’s Edge which will be enlightening for anyone unfamiliar with it. Last but not least is Earthlock: Festival of Magic and this is the game we’d expect to surprise a lot of people; you’re in for an RPG treat.

games with gold new

Worms W.M.D Review

Happy Birthday to Worms!

To celebrate Worms being 21 years old, Team17 wanted to deliver the ultimate entry into the series with Worms W.M.D. The review goes into plenty of detail about what’s new, but the short of it is that they’ve gotten a whole load deadlier. There are lots of new weapons, a handful of vehicles and now a few building to hide within.

It’s safe to say Worms W.M.D brings everything great about Worms and adds a raft of new features to make it a high quality overall experience worth picking up.


NOW That’s What I Call Sing 2 release date announced

Although we’ll be singing our hearts out in Mafia III, it makes more sense to grab a few friends and family to belt out a few tunes on NOW That’s What I Call Sing 2. In just under two months you’ll be able to pick up a microphone or smartphone and do a spot of competitive karaoke on some of the most popular hits of recent times. Whether you’re into the sounds of Coldplay, looking to get down with Justin Bieber, or loving the lush life of Zara Larsson, NOW That’s What I Call Sing 2 has you covered.

Zara Larsson_Lush Life_1

Enter The Church in the Darkness with a narrated gameplay video

You know we like to end on a video, and this week is no exception.

Playing the part of a former law enforcement officer, you must infiltrate a cultish group living in the jungles of South America. That’s not all because you’re searching for your nephew to find out if he’s safe and what the motives of this ‘cult’ really are. In the gameplay video, game designer Richard will give viewers an insight into how The Church in the Darkness can play out and what you’ll have to pay attention to. Bear in mind that each venture into the camp will be completely different too.

That’s all for now, let us know what your highlight was and don’t forget to give The Church in the Darkness video a watch…

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