It was always going to be an interesting week in the build up to E3 2016 and that is exactly what we got, with a huge number of new Xbox news articles, reviews, videos and opinions leading the way. Which were our favourite pieces from between the 5th-11th June 2016? We reckon you’d be crazy to miss out on this lot.

Xbox One Summer System Update announced and detailed

It’s been a while since Xbox One owners were treated to some new features but the Xbox One System Updates will look to start flowing again soon.

This coming summer (so now then?!) will see a number of new additions to our beloved Xbox One consoles. We’ll see an enhanced games library that is easier to navigate, the addition of a Facebook friends finder and the introduction of Cortana as our loving assistant. Whilst all this and more will drop to the masses later this year, if you are happy to test them out and get involved via the Xbox One Preview Program, then you should be seeing them arrive very shortly.

Make sure you let us know what you think!

xbox update

Xbox One and PC owners to get Pure Chess this summer

You may be wondering why the hell we have chosen to focus on a game of chess as one of our biggest stories of the week. Well, sorry to break it to you, but we all need a decent chess title in our lives…even amongst a world full of shooters, racers and open world goodies.

Pure Chess may have originally made a mark on other systems, but now, with Ripstone’s own in-house development team behind it, we’ll be seeing it arrive on Xbox One. Following on from the awesome Pure Pool (seriously, it’s bloody good) and the beautiful looking Pure Hold’em, we’re expecting big things from Pure Chess. One look at the screenshots points to something that will, at least visually, be right up there with the best looking titles on Xbox One.

You may think you don’t need a chess title in your life, but you’d be wrong and Pure Chess should deliver the best experience yet.


Neo Tokyo to arrive as Rocket League’s biggest ever update…for free!

Anything that arrives for free must be looked at in depth, and when you combine that zero cost element with one of the biggest indie titles the world has ever seen, then we just have to look even further.

Rocket League is nothing short of a juggernaut, and with Pysonix announcing that they’ll be soon delivered the biggest update so far to the game, things aren’t going to be slowing down anytime soon. Neo Tokyo won’t cost a penny, but will bring a new arena, new items, a trade-on system, a new season and more, including additions to its experimental ‘Labs’.

It’ll also herald in the addition of four new premium content cars which look stunning. You may have to pay for those ones, but when you’re getting so much for free with the main update, there is little chance anyone can complain!

rocket league neo tokyo

The Top titles we want to hear more about at E3 2016

…and then we get into the E3 madness!

Depending on when you are reading this, E3 2016 may still be on the horizon, or it may have swept into town, caused its usual destruction and moved on ready to regroup for another year. Whenever it is though, we just hope and pray that we see many a game being announced, detailed and above all else, played. With that in mind, we decided to detail our most have titles for this year’s show, splitting things down into two articles – the Top 5 AAA titles that we want to hear more about and the Top 5 Indie titles that we want to hear more about.

With games such as Battlefield 1, Cuphead, Ghost Recon: Wildlands and Yooka-Laylee all being given a mention, chances are E3 2016 is going to rock!


Watch_Dogs 2 unveiled by Ubisoft. Special Editions detailed.

We leave you this week with the announcement that Watch_Dogs 2 is coming…and it’ll be arriving in a number of flavours.

Whilst we were massive fans of the original open world hack em up that Ubisoft dropped a couple of years back, there are many on this planet who found it to be disappointing. Granted it may not have come complete with all the stunningly crazy ideas that were first promised but we’ve never been ones to get too worried about hype, instead trying to focus on cold hard facts. For what it was, the original Watch_Dogs delivered.

And we would be hugely surprised if its sequel didn’t arrive to applause when it drops in November of this year. With the first details and trailers being release by Ubisoft over the last few days, and the Xbox One digital pre-orders and pre-downloads arriving to compliment them, it’s a very exciting time for those who want to get their geek on and prepare for more hacking, more sabotage and more downright fun!

Have a great E3 week and we should be around to tell you all about the best bits this time next week!

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