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What Is The Most Popular Language For Game Development?


Computer games appeared almost at the very beginning of the development of information technology. Newbies often ask in what programming language a game can be created. In recent years, users are switching from computer games to mobile games. Since some smartphones can be compared in performance with computers. If a person, playing on his/her smartphone or computer, is fond of creating applications, and wants to write his/her own game, then he/she needs to choose and figure out which programming language is suitable for writing a game. Nowadays there is a wide variety of programming languages ​​and it can be very difficult to choose the right one. Let’s take a look at this issue and try to figure out what language is the best for game development.

What Do you Need to Know to Get Started?

Despite the constant development of the IT industry, the creation of modern applications and games is impossible without programming. If earlier there was not much to choose from, now programmers have such a chance. Yes, you can say that a powerful constructor (Unity or Unreal Engine) is sufficient for game development. In practice, however, the need to write your own code has been and remains an important part of creating a quality product. For beginners, this may seem a rather difficult task, so an excellent option for you would be to contact the programming assignment help, there they will help you decide on the choice of a programming language and, if necessary, will do everything for you.

Games for Mobile Devices

Mobile games are superior to browser games, but not by much. The small screen and low power do not allow you to create cool graphics. And yet it is impossible to implement the same convenient control as on computers and set-top boxes.

This is offset by the ease of development. You can download a popular engine and release a ready-made application in a few weeks – these are programs that provide ready-made solutions for working with graphics and physics. The developer only needs to add sprites or models, and then write several scripts in one of the proposed languages. You don’t even have to bother with all the resources – they are downloaded or bought on the Internet.

Unity, one of the most popular engines, allows you to write in C # and JavaScript. Connect the downloaded files, write a few commands – and a simple game is ready.


Do you like apples? The fact is that the language was created and is used mainly for Apple products. So, if you want to write any games and applications exclusively for the Apple – then come on baby, go for it. But although it makes no sense, because Apple created a new language called Swift, which should become a replacement for this language, and indeed become a kind of a new programming language. While it is in development and it is not known what will come of it, so you may learn Objective-C.

C ++

A functional and versatile programming language. To study it, a lot of effort is required, and of course the interest of the programmer who has chosen the given language. C ++ supports two paradigms: procedural and object-oriented programming. An important plus for C ++ is considered to be its voluminous standard library that supports many functions: convenient algorithms, containers, data input/output, multithreading. Due to the fact that C ++ is a rather old programming language, it can recede into the background and cease to be used almost everywhere and be superseded by languages ​​such as Java and C #;


Anyone who deals with Android application development will tell you that the most popular programming language in their field is Java. This language is the official development language for Android, that is, it has the most support from Google and most applications on Google Play are written in it.

The easiest way to start developing applications is to download Android Studio.

Android Studio is an Integrated Development Environment (IDE) developed by Google. This IDE comes with the Android SDK (a set of tools to simplify and speed up application development), which will allow you, without any extra effort, to sit down and start working right away.

What Language Should you Choose?

Each language is good at certain tasks. When creating a game, professional programmers are rarely limited to one option. Nevertheless, the most “popular” programming languages ​​in game development are C # and Java.

Games created using these tools are smaller, faster, and balanced between game performance and system requirements.

In addition, other programming languages ​​can be used in the process of creating games. For example Python and PHP. They are often used to implement individual elements of game code. Try to learn as many programming languages as possible.

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