Last year WWE 2K14 saw The Ultimate Warrior (RIP) grab that pre-order bonus spot and now 2K have revealed Sting as this year’s draw to get WWE 2K15 pre-orders in early.

Being a WCW legend and one of the highest profile wrestlers never to have stepped into the WWE ring, this is a step towards a final run on the biggest stage for his fans to remember before those boots get hung up. Most importantly for 2K Sports he brings along a whole new group of fans who wish to play as Sting for the first time in a WWE game.

The idea of matching up Sting against the likes of John Cena, Triple H and The Undertaker adds a whole new level to fantasy booking that most people have only dreamt of. Seeing as he’ll arrive in both his surfer and crow gimmicks it’ll please the old school viewers for sure. Hopefully the motion capturing equipment will be able to bring the moves like the Stinger Splash and the Scorpion Death Drop to life instead of using anything even remotely generic.

He is only one man, even if he is The Icon, however his addition could mean a lot more to the overall offerings of WWE 2K15. Imagine if he is just the much needed name to begin work on a WCW themed mode where classic matches are recreated. The other wrestlers required to make this a success would be much easier to secure such as Goldberg, DDP, Nash, Hall, Flair and even Ron Simmons. It’s exciting where they could go from here with the acquisition of Sting, but for now we’ll have to wait for 2K Sports to reveal their hand.

If used correctly across all WWE media then Sting could be the much needed financial cash cow to help prevent any more major cutbacks by Vince McMahon. Considering their constant plugging of the WWE Network, there’s no one better to attract people to want to watch old WCW PPVs. Today it’s WWE 2K15, next stop WrestleMania?

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