Video games and online casinos have been part of entirely different branches of the entertainment industry. Since video games went online, casinos and consoles have tried to play along. Nowadays, they’re closer than ever, and the future of this partnership looks bright. Stay with us and find out how gamers are discovering the world of online gambling.


Generation Clash

Casinos, either online or land-based, traditionally have an entire section dedicated to slots. Most of the online efforts have been focused around browser-based and mobile gaming. These have been hugely successful endeavours. The inclusion of console, moving forward, is a logical expansion into a new market. However, it’s likely that the mobile and browser-based options remain most popular, as this branch of the online gaming industry has been well established for some time now.

The CEO of MGM Resorts International, James Murren, forecasts future land-based casinos without slot machines. At least, without entire floors of it. Many casinos are already repurposing the spaces once consigned to the one-armed bandits. Where there were machines, now there are table games and restaurants.

Slot games have changed a lot, with high-end graphics and even rocking chairs. Those machines generate massive revenues. In Maryland, slot machines generated $680 million in revenue last year.

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Consoles, Casinos, and Virtual Reality

Consoles and online casinos have been worlds apart until now. New video games can navigate online, which is already enough to play on an online casino through it. There are also games developed for Xbox, and you can find the best ones here. Online gamblers are only now discovering the wonders of Virtual Reality (VR), a familiar tool for gamers.

So, VR technology is likely to expand and adapt to gamblers’ expectations. It’s already possible to find VR games for mobile devices. Yet, consoles are privileged to reap the benefits of this new development since they already master this technology.

Online Casinos of the Future

According to James Murren, slot machines will be heading to retirement in about ten years. Casino floors of the future will have more space for tables, e-sports, and lots of VR games. With your VR headset on, you can play from your couch and closer to the experience like never before. For instance, you’ll be able to “walk around” an online casino from your room.

With time, VR headsets are likely to become as accessible as smartphones. People will play with them at free casinos, just for fun. About 17% of the world’s population engages in online gambling. Those numbers should grow soon with the development and distribution of high-end technology.



The thrill of gambling has been catching players for millennia. Every technological development has only added to this old habit. Casinos have been able to adapt to new technology without losing the essence of their games. So, adapting to video game platforms looks like a natural move.