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World War Z: Aftermath and new Valley of the Zeke expansion hits Game Pass, Xbox, PlayStation, PC

World War Z Aftermath Valley of the Zeke
World War Z Aftermath Valley of the Zeke

The war continues to rage in World War Z: Aftermath. And today that game not only pops up onto Game Pass, but is expanded upon. That is thanks to the new Valley of the Zeke expansion. 

If you’re a World War Z: Aftermath player, then today is your lucky day. You see, Saber Interactive are pushing out the latest update for the game, bringing with it no less than three new maps and four new playable survivors. 

Heading to the Valley of the Zeke?

It’s the premium Valley of the Zeke pack that is front and centre today. With the new campaign episode delivering plenty of new content to the horde-bashing masses. It introduces three original new maps, all set Arizona – in the heart of the American Southwest. It’s here where you’ll get the opportunity to play as one of four new survivors, as you look to guide your caravan to safety. The thing is, it’s just the remnants of humanity’s urban strongholds that remain. 

The Valley of the Zeke is a paid piece, running at around £8.50 in price. What with World War Z: Aftermath now being present and correct in Game Pass, that seems like a decent little bargain to get involved with. 

Further, two new DLC skin packs are also present – the Pre-Apocalypse Character Skin Pack and that of the Burning Skulls Weapons Skin Pack. 

Feature rich

Drop in and you’ll find Valley of the Zeke providing all of the following and more to World War Z: Aftermath players. 

  • New zombie enemy types that appear across all episodes: the Juggernaut, a special zombie unit that relentlessly charges anything and everything in its path, and new military zombies equipped with additional combat armor.
  • Introducing the De50 Heavy Pistol secondary weapon, a large-caliber firearm packing a ton of destructive power.
  • Unleash an array of thrilling mutators for wildly new experiences in Challenge Mode and Challenge Horde Mode! Transform the battlefield by arming auto-turrets with explosive ammo, call your inner cowboy and make everyone wield repeating rifles and revolvers, and more!
  • For PlayStation®5, Xbox Series X|S and PC players, the Rome XL map is now available in Challenge Horde Mode, offering a dynamic environment to navigate and conquer.

Get involved with World War Z: Aftermatch Valley of the Zeke

If you want to know more about World War Z: Aftermath then you’d do well to check out our review. Just prepare yourself in order to take on the zombie hordes. 

From there, the usual digital stores will sort you out. The Xbox Store, for instance, allows plays on Xbox One and Xbox Series X|S, through Game Pass too. You’ll also find World War Z: Aftermath on PlayStation and PC. 

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