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The AAA party season is in full flow with new Xbox One titles being thrust into our lives at every opportunity. But sometimes it’s good to just slowdown a bit and in gaming terms that usually means cracking on with some of the wonderful experiences that have been sat in the background. And if we’re honest, there is no better way to get involved with those older titles than via the Xbox Deals With Gold and Spotlight Sale, as it provides cut-price gaming opportunities in abundance. But what discounts are in place this week? How does the Xbox Deals With Gold sale for 8th-14th October 2019 stack up? We’ve got the full listing.

As always, should you like the look of any of the titles listed below, either on the Xbox One or Xbox 360 side of things, then popping over to CDKeys and nabbing some of their cheap Xbox Live Credit will see your cash go even further than usual. It’ll only take you a minute or two to get it added to your account too.

Once that is in place, the following great Xbox One games are being heavily discounted thanks to the Xbox Deals With Gold and Spotlight Sale for 8th-14th October 2019.

Xbox One

#KILLALLZOMBIESXbox One Game67%Spotlight Sale
2URVIVEXbox One Game30%Spotlight Sale
7 Days to DieXbox One Game40%Spotlight Sale
Animus – Stand AloneXbox Play Anywhere25%DWG
Arcade Islands: Volume OneXbox One Game50%Spotlight Sale
ARK: Survival EvolvedXbox Game Pass65%Spotlight Sale
ARK: Survival Evolved Explorer’s EditionXbox One Game50%Spotlight Sale
Bad North: Jotunn EditionXbox Game Pass40%Spotlight Sale
Battle Chasers: NightwarXbox One X Enhanced75%DWG
Blacksea OdysseyXbox One Game67%Spotlight Sale
Cannon BrawlXbox One Game50%DWG
Cast Of The Seven Godsends – ReduxXbox One Game80%Spotlight Sale
Conan ExilesXbox One X Enhanced50%Spotlight Sale
Conan Exiles – Complete EditionXbox One X Enhanced50%Spotlight Sale
Conan Exiles – Deluxe EditionXbox One X Enhanced50%Spotlight Sale
CrimsonlandXbox One Game50%Spotlight Sale
Dead AgeXbox One Game60%Spotlight Sale
Death Road to CanadaXbox One Game40%Spotlight Sale
Don’t Starve Mega PackXbox One Game70%Spotlight Sale
FAR: Lone SailsXbox One Game33%Spotlight Sale
FrostXbox One Game67%Spotlight Sale
Hyper SentinelXbox One X Enhanced75%Spotlight Sale
Lichtspeer: Double Speer EditionXbox Play Anywhere70%Spotlight Sale
Monster Hunter: WorldXbox One X Enhanced33%DWG
Must Dash AmigosXbox One Game50%DWG
n Verlore VerstandXbox One Game65%DWG
Neon ChromeXbox One X Enhanced60%Spotlight Sale
Neon Chrome – ArenaAdd-On60%Spotlight Sale
No Man’s SkyXbox One X Enhanced40%Spotlight Sale
Outbreak: Lost HopeXbox One Game40%Spotlight Sale
Outbreak: The Nightmare CollectionXbox One Game50%Spotlight Sale
PenariumXbox One Game75%Spotlight Sale
Please, Don’t Touch AnythingXbox One X Enhanced40%DWG
Power Rangers: Battle for the GridXbox One Game35%DWG
Power Rangers: Battle for the Grid – Digital Collector’s EditionXbox One Game40%DWG
Rapala Fishing: Pro SeriesXbox One Game70%Spotlight Sale
Rapala Fishing: Pro Series – Lake Okeechobee Pack DLCAdd-On70%Spotlight Sale
Regalia: Of Men and Monarchs – Royal EditionXbox One Game50%Spotlight Sale
Remothered: Tormented FathersXbox One X Enhanced60%Spotlight Sale
Rock Band 4 Rivals BundleXbox One Game40%DWG
Rock Band 4 – 30 Song MegapackAdd-On40%DWG
Rock Band 4 – Rivals ExpansionAdd-On40%DWG
ShelteredXbox One Game75%Spotlight Sale
SkyhillXbox One Game60%Spotlight Sale
SplasherXbox One Game67%DWG
Sublevel Zero ReduxXbox One Game75%Spotlight Sale
Super Blood HockeyXbox One Game50%Spotlight Sale
The BunkerXbox One Game40%Spotlight Sale
The Long DarkXbox One Game50%Spotlight Sale
The MoosemanXbox One X Enhanced40%DWG
The Solus ProjectXbox One Game60%Spotlight Sale
The Story Goes OnXbox One Game33%DWG
Thea: The AwakeningXbox One Game50%Spotlight Sale
Titan QuestXbox One X Enhanced70%DWG
ToroXbox One Game50%Spotlight Sale
Turok 2: Seeds Of EvilXbox One Game60%DWG
VaccineXbox One Game60%Spotlight Sale
WindscapeXbox One Game30%DWG
Worse Than DeathXbox One Game20%Spotlight Sale
Yet Another Zombie Defense HDXbox One X Enhanced33%Spotlight Sale

Let us know what you decide to pick up. The comments section is down below. And don’t forget, if you’re quick, you may also be able to grab some of the wonders of last week’s sale too.

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