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For many, the Xbox Elite Wireless Controller is the pinnacle of gaming controllers, even more so since the arrival of Series 2. But now there’s another option on the table and if your wallet cannot stretch to the full Elite experience, let the Xbox Elite Wireless Controller Series 2 – Core take the strain. It just so happens that a brand new Elite 2 Controller feature has rolled out alongside it.

The Xbox Elite Wireless Controller Series 2 – Core (White) is the latest option to join the Xbox controller ranks. Sitting pretty just below the top of the range Series 2 Elite, the Core (White) comes with the usual Elite chassis, but does away with the fancy bits that you possibly won’t need. 

We’re prime gamers for this and whilst we love our custom Elite that our friends at DreamControllers put together for us, we’ve never been sold on the back paddles and full customisation. It’s here where the Core comes in. 

The Core (White) looks like an Elite Series 2 controller, it feels like an Elite Series 2 controller and it acts like an Elite Series 2 controller. It comes with the usual adjustable-tension thumbsticks and has the adjustment tool for that thrown into the box. But the medium and mini back paddles, additional thumbsticks and D-Pad, charging dock and carry case are omitted – this is the controller that you know and love; nothing more, nothing less. 

It obviously has that new white glow about it, with the shorter hair trigger locks, wrap-around rubberized grips and re-engineered components you would imagine an Elite to come with, but that pretty much is it. 

Thankfully, the price in place suits. The Core (White) runs at $129.99 / £114.99 which is a big old whack cheaper than the usual $179.99 / £159.99 Elite 2. 

And if you want to then add stuff as your wallet allows, the Complete Component Pack for £54.99 becomes your friend. Remember all those bits we told you that weren’t included? Well, the Complete Component Pack has them all bundled together. 

Basically put, Microsoft are allowing you the chance to get that usual great Elite experience without all the faff. 

But there’s more and in-line with the release of the Xbox Elite Wireless Controller Series 2 – Core (White) is the chance to amend the colour of the Xbox button on the Elite Series 2 controllers. Whilst far from being a game changer, firing up the Xbox Accessories App on your console or PC will see you able to switch up the Xbox button RGB light, amending it from the usual default soft white to a whole range of colours. 

You can grab the new Xbox Elite Wireless Controller Series 2 – Core (White) from the Xbox Store right this minute. Let us know if you decide to take one home. 

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