The time is getting ever closer and today it has been announced that the Xbox One S will now be arriving on store shelves on the 2nd August 2016…at least if you want the 2TB version and are in the correct region that is!

It has today been confirmed that the 2TB version of the Xbox One S will be available from August 2nd 2016. Bringing a new slim design that is 40% smaller than the original black box, an in-built power supply, newly positioned USB ports and an included IR blaster, if you’re serious about Xbox, then this is the console for you.

It’ll also allow you to view Blu-rays and stream videos in 4K Ultra HD with HDR giving you the clearest, most realistic video experience possible.

The new Xbox Wireless Controller will come bundled with it,  complete with the textured grip, improved signal and Bluetooth support.

If you don’t want, or can’t stretch your budget to the 2TB version of the new console, then both a 1TB and 500GB hard drive variety will be available at some point too. There will be further details regarding those at a later date.

If you can though, get yourself over to your favourite online store, grab it direct from Microsoft for £349.99, or get the tent ready so you can camp out and be first in line!



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