We’d love to be able to bring you details on the many titles being released on Xbox One and Xbox 360 this coming week, but the truth is there still aren’t that many hitting the shelves. In fact, as was the case last week, we see only one release this time round.

It’s a pretty big deal though……Fable Anniversary.

Xbox 360

Fable Anniversary – 7th Feb 2014

fable annivesary boxart






A remastered HD overhaul of the original Fable game which was first released on the original Xbox back in 2004. Now incorporating The Lost Chapters, achievements, a new save system and full HD graphics, Fable Anniversary will still be the best place to visit if you fancy kicking some chickens.

Whether you did or didn’t visit the wonderful world of Albion the first time round, Anniversary is a must play for both new Xbox owners and those who have been around since the game was first released.

Will you be good…….or bad!???

Where Can I Buy It? Amazon – £27.99

fable chicken kicking




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