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The Xbox Ultimate Game Sale is here for another year and it brings discounts to a huge number of Xbox One and Xbox 360 titles. But which of the sale items that have been included in the Ultimate Game Sale should you be picking up without hesitation? And which should you be leaving well alone? We delve deep and let you know!

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GrabUnravel (Xbox One) – £7.50

It’s not often you’ll see us including an EA title in the ‘Grab’ section of our Deals opinion articles. But Unravel is a bit of an exception.

Yes, it’ll probably be available for nothing as part of the EA Access Vault in a few months time, but if you don’t own a pass, or just want to get in early then the £7.50 that Unravel costs to buy this week is a bit of a no-brainer. Bringing a delightful story and a wonderful new character to the video game world, Unravel’s physics based puzzles and heartfelt story should be checked out asap.

GrabRed Dead Redemption (Xbox 360) – £6.24

Is Red Dead Redemption available as an Xbox One Backward Compatible title yet? No? Well it damn well should be.

In fact, if the rumours are right and if the big dogs back at Xbox HQ and Rockstar have any sense, they’ll be ensuring that Red Dead Redemption arrives as a BC Xbox One title very soon. And that means you should be snapping the game up right now – if not to play immediately on your Xbox 360, but to blast through on your Xbox One soon.

But what if it doesn’t ever appear as a Backward Compatible title? Go and dust off that 360 and get playing it again!

GrabTrackmania Turbo (Xbox One) – £15.00

If you just need something to mindlessly blast through, pitting yourself against the clock and your online friends, then Trackmania Turbo delivers an awesome experience. Only recently released, the chance to snap it up for a measly £15 is far too good to turn down. Just trust us when we say it brings a super fast, super fluid arcade racing experience with that all-important ‘just one more go’ attitude being conveyed brilliantly.

GrabXCOM: Enemy Within (Xbox 360) – £7.49

You may have recently noticed that XCOM: Enemy Unknown was being given away as part of the Xbox Games With Gold scheme. You’ve probably quite enjoyed putting XCOM through its paces on both Xbox One and Xbox 360. It’s probably for the best that you therefore pick up a dirt cheap Enemy Within too.

TempterJust Cause 3 (Xbox One) – £18.00

We’d love to be able to go and tell you to purchase Just Cause 3 at a super low price, but if we’re being honest with ourselves, we would have liked to have seen a slightly bigger price cut. The £18.00 on offer though is most definitely tempting and if you are sitting on the fence, should ensure that you go and experience Rico’s latest adventure, one filled with explosions, explosions and more explosions pretty soon. If only it were a few quid cheaper still!

LeaveQuantum Break (Xbox One) – £33.74

We can’t deny that Quantum Break is an awesome game. But this is the Ultimate Game Sale – a sale which should bring ultimate bargains. Unfortunately, Quantum Break hasn’t been hit by the same type of discounts which have been placed on its rivals.

And it is the price alone which means we can’t tell you to get out there and buy it right now. It’s very nearly the ultimate game, but it’s not the ultimate price!

LeaveFIFA 16 Super Deluxe Edition (Xbox One) – £51.99

Oh look, it’s FIFA 16 – and it’s stupidly overpriced!

If you’re a football fan, then you’ll know that the new season is fast approaching, you’ll also know that the latest FIFA game is just around the corner. For that reason, FIFA 16 Super Deluxe Edition with its measly discount is worth staying away from. Over £50 for something that will be superseded in just a couple of months is crazy money – even more so when you consider that the standard edition can be grabbed through the EA Access Vault.

So there we have it, keep an eye out for the above titles in the Xbox Ultimate Game sale now. If you want to check out the full list then hit this link right now!

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  1. I got The Division – been waiting for a price drop to get my co-op action on! The South African exchange rate has caused skyrocketing game prices (not to mention XB Live Gold subscriptions more than tripling this month), so this sale is VERY welcome relief!!!


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