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We love the vast majority of stuff that comes from Zen Studios and so the arrival of a Super Bundle as a digital only download on Xbox One should excite many.

However, there is an issue.

The Zen Studios CastleStorm Super Bundle includes, as the name suggests, a copy of CastleStorm Definitive Edition and the Iron & Steel Pack for Pinball FX2. Normally that would be all well and good as saving money is something we are most definitely interested in. But the timing couldn’t be worse, for the full version of CastleStorm was given away, for free, to all Xbox Live Gold members via the Xbox Games With Gold scheme for May.

So, unless you’re a brand new Xbox One owner, we really can’t see the pack interesting many, especially at the £11.99 price tag. If you do want to pick it up though, feel free to check out our reviews of both CastleStorm and the Iron & Steel pack…they are both bloody good games in their own right!

Game Description:

Storm the castle and become a pinball wizard with the Zen Studios CastleStorm Bundle, available now for a limited time! CastleStorm – Definitive Edition Enjoy a unique take on medieval warfare in Zen Studios’ 2D physics-based action-strategy hybrid. As rival fortresses besiege your own, you’ll utilize your ballista to fling assorted weaponry at opposing towers and skewer approaching enemies, all while launching your own offensive by sending your own mighty troops and unleashing powerful spells. Balance ranged combat by fighting head-on against enemy units as a player-controlled individual hero on the battlefield, while CastleStorm’s goofy characters and rich graphics keep it an enchanting experience throughout. Pinball FX2 Iron & Steel Pack In CastleStorm pinball, players will team up with the heroic knight Sir Gareth as he returns once more to protect the Kingdom from the relentless hordes of vicious Vikings and their raging leader, Chief Ramhorn. The CastleStorm table features a single and multiball game modes set within a Viking stronghold, an enormous fire breathing dragon, an armored troll, and even a charming donkey! The second table in the pack, Wild West Rampage, stars Cindy, a bold bounty hunter who arrives in the western town of Rackton Point with a bone to pick with the town’s crooked Sheriff Evans. Cindy has her sights aimed on defeating his men and ruining their crooked plans to control the town, but it definitely won’t be easy to loosen Evans’ stranglehold. Hit the trail and experience an exciting Western-inspired playfield complete with a rolling 3D steam engine, swinging saloon doors, a six-shooter ball locker, and duels with members of Sheriff Evans’ posse!

If you fancy a bit of the Super Bundle, hop over to the Xbox One Games Store now.


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7 years ago

[…] Neil Watton (neil363) We love the vast majority of stuff that comes from Zen Studios and so the arrival of a Super Bundle […]