Citizens of London beware – your city is under threat of a plague once more and this time round the undead will be in abundance. But hey, at least you won’t have to pay for the ‘privilege’!

Thanks to the Xbox Games With Gold scheme, ZOMBI on Xbox One has now been stripped of its price tag for the next month. In fact, you’ve got until the 15th Feb 2018 in order to get your download in, and whilst we weren’t expecting the freebies to kick in quite yet, we’re not going to complain when something arrives early.

But what is ZOMBI? Well, originally created to take the Nintendo WiiU by storm, it will test all your survival skills as you try to survive the streets of London with the undead following your every move. Realism is key to the whole experience and with save points pretty scarce and enough tension to keep you on edge at all times, this is one zombie-fuelled experience you may not want to miss.

With a usual £14.99 price tag attached, you would do well to not ignore this one. Remember, you’ve got until the middle of February to get your download in from the Microsoft Store. Just make sure your Xbox Live Gold subscription is valid, yeah!?

For more info on the Xbox Games With Gold scheme and the free titles being given away throughout Jan 2018, then make sure you hit up our article. Our review of the game is here too.

Game Description:

London is falling. Are you prepared? The Last Blight is upon us. It was foretold. For the second time in history, a great plague has shrouded London in a fog of death. Big Ben tolls as thousands of unprepared die, or worse, are infected by a sickness more gruesome than death. You’re still breathing, for now, but how long will you survive the labyrinth of London’s streets and underground canals, abandoned by the outside world and surrounded by infected? The horrifying remains of humanity, ravaged by the terrifying disease, are shuffling through the streets, waiting at every turn to prey on your living flesh. The nail-biting survival experience of ZombiU™ has been upgraded for download and now is available to everyone on Xbox One. Zombi takes the power of the latest generation of hardware to bring you a new level of horror. Test your will to survive, but beware: death is permanent, and one wrong move can cause you to lose everything.

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