It’s dark, gory, hilarious and it’s coming to consoles and PC in March… this is 101 Ways to Die, a physics-based puzzler!

Dr. Splatunfuder (yes, that’s actually his name) put his heart and soul into creating a perfectly twisted recipe book for the death of his enemies, only for it to be destroyed in an unfortunate accident. This is where you come in as his assistant, to aid the Doctor in piecing it back together, page by page, by punishing and ripping apart lab created creatures called Splatts. Prepare to test yourself in an array of clever bloody puzzles when 101 Ways to Die releases for Steam on 22nd March, PlayStation 4 on 23rd March and Xbox One 24th March.

Have a gander at this brilliantly splat-filled trailer for 101 Ways to Die, developed by Four Door Lemon.

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