monster hunter world Cute Demoness Costume

It’s crazy to think that a game which originally released on Xbox One nearly three years ago could still be relevant enough to warrant constant downloadable content additions. But Monster Hunter: World is not just any old game – it’s one of the biggest, most rounded, highly loved affairs out there. And so when two new pieces of DLC arrive for the game, we’re not shocked. 

Available to purchase and add into your Monster Hunter: World experience right this minute are a couple of brand new DLC drops; both of which are seriously cheap, and undoubtably cute. 

Priced at a mere £0.79, the first of these two is the Pendant: Velkhana Snow Talisman. One of the cheapest additions that you are ever likely to see across the Monster Hunter: World universe this can be attached to your favourite weapon, letting you show off its beauty to your friends. Fashioned after Velkhana, if you’re looking for some new bling in your life, this is a cheap and easy way to get it. 

Sitting alongside that Pendant is the slightly more expensive The Handler’s Cute Demoness Costume. Running with a huge £2.39 price tag – yeah, still cheap, eh! – this latest costume for Monster Hunter: World will allow the demonic side to flourish in-game, with a new bit of kit for the Handler. Accessible from your Housekeeper menu found in Your Room, as we head into the Halloween season, Monster Hunter: World has got you covered. 

You’ll find each of this items available right now as individual purchases, however there is word that from the beginning of November each will be included in a set. Whether you wish to hold off, or jump straight in, is totally up to you. Just hit the links above and you’ll find yourself whisked away to the Xbox Store. 

As always, you’ll need Monster Hunter: World in your library in order to use these pieces. If you haven’t yet played the base game, or got involved in the Iceborne expansion, let our reviews tempt you in. 

monster hunter world pendant
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1 year ago

I do love the handler demon outfit!