Once again, the Xbox Backwards Compatible library is expanding and with 2018 already proving to be a great year for the program, even in these early months, new titles can only be a good thing right? With that in mind, let’s jump into this week’s additions to see which Xbox 360 titles have hit Xbox One and whether or not they are worth spending time with once more.

Ghost Recon: Future Soldier – Play

So, it’s finally here, one of the most highly requested titles has finally arrived on Xbox One via way of Xbox Backwards Compatibility, and by god it’s a welcome addition.

Whilst the Ghost Recon series has always proven a popular one amongst gamers, it’s hard to argue that Ghost Recon: Future Soldier isn’t easily one of the best titles in the series. Unlike the Call of Duty franchise, Future Soldier took on a sensible futuristic progression with many modern elements still remaining.

On top of that, it brought one of the series’ best stories centred around the four-man Ghost Recon team Predator and follows them across locations such as Nigeria, Pakistan, Russia and Norway. The gameplay is fantastic, it’s fluid, enjoyable and really retains the feel of a true military adventure throughout. Whilst the online PVP certainly failed to flatter at launch, there was plenty to praise within the single player side of things and if you’re a fan of explosive and action-packed shooters, this is one you’ll definitely want to head back too.

Metal Gear Solid: Peace Walker HD Edition – Play

If there’s an action adventure title with Hideo Kojima’s name on it then you can be sure you’re in for a great experience. Metal Gear Solid: Peace Walker follows Big Boss (Snake) who is running his own mercenary unit in Colombia, following the formation of FOXHOUND. However, after a mysterious group – the Peace Sentinels – arrive in Costa Rica equipped with the latest in military hardware and enough of it to disrupt the balance between the power of the East and West, Big Boss and his band of mercenaries are the only hope to the Costa Rican government who remain powerless to the new-found Peace Sentinels.

Metal Gear Solid: Peace Walker may not be a main numbered entry within the series, but that didn’t stop it becoming a quick fan favourite, with many of the best bits of previous entries making up the key aspects of the game, there were many who felt it was the best title in the series altogether.

Should you be heading back to this classic Metal Gear Solid adventure? Without a doubt.

Axel & Pixel

Unfortunately, whilst I’d love to sit here and advise if your time would be well spent with every title that arrives via Xbox Backwards Compatibility, there are times in which some games arrive in which there just wasn’t enough hours in the day to fit in a playthrough on the original release.

Nevertheless, if you’re a fan of point & click adventures, chances are you may find enjoyment with this one. Axel & Pixel arrived with favourable reviews from critics and gamers alike back in 2009 with the only critical comments coming in for the rather short length with the game taking around three hours to finish.

The story tells the tale of Axel, a painter, and his dog, Pixel, on a creative journey through the surreal and dangerous dream world of Axel’s own artistic creations, after both are hypnotised by a lullaby song. With an Evil Rat in possession of the key needed to escape the dream world, both Axel and Pixel must go on a perilous hunt and completing countless puzzles along the way to hold a hope of escaping.


So, there we have it, three more exciting arrivals for Xbox Backwards Compatibility. Will you be heading into any of this week’s adventures? What would you like to see come to the program next? Let us know in the comments below or via our usual social channels.

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