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4 new games are added to Antstream Arcade

Jumpman keyart
Jumpman is on Antstream

The Antstream team have been going all-out to build their retro streaming library in recent weeks, pretty much adding a couple of new games on a regular basis. That’s the case again now, with 4 more games added to the Antstream library. 

Coming this week to Antstream Arcade are an arcade shooter and a properly old-school 8-bit platformer, in the form of Steel Force and Jumpman. Alongside those is a new challenge, one that will excite fans of pinball with the Pinball Mania Jackpot T1C1 test to tackle. 

For us, it’s the new games that appeal the most, especially that of Jumpman. Full details of each game are as follows…


For something with a few platforms in, there is Jumpman, originally developed in 1983 by Randy Glover for the Atari 8-bit. In this game the player has to jump and climb ropes and ladders to diffuse bombs across levels representing the floors of buildings, all while avoiding hazards.

Steel Force

Steel Force is an action-packed 2D top down shooter from 1994. The player takes on the role of a federation soldier who fights pirates while trying to find the level exit. With various power ups, along with health and ammunition, to find along the way, players are guaranteed an exciting time.

steel force
Steel Force

“Wow! Two great new titles being added to the extensive Antstream library this week, offering top down shooter fun and platforming action. Both of these titles are great fun to play and will quickly become popular on the ever-growing Antstream service.” – Steve Cottam, CEO of Antstream.

But that’s not all as very recently Antstream Arcade players also gained access to Legend and Yeah Yeah Beebiss II – Rigg Version. Now present and ready to play, these are two NES and SNES games that will look to test your skills like never before…


Legend was originally launched on the SNES before being remade for the Sony PlayStation in 1998. Legend is a 3D fighting game from developers Toka which takes the left-to-right stage structure of 2D beat ‘em Ups and was one of the first titles to use motion capture for the animation of the character models. Players will take on one of three characters as they set out on a quest to find their King and destroy an evil alliance.

Yeah Yeah Beebiss II

Yeah Yeah Beebiss II is a new retro title from Rigg’d Games. A sequel to a game that was never released, and may never have existed, Yeah Yeah Beebiss II is a 2D action platformer in which the player will work through 100 levels banishing evil. The game was released for the NES in 2022 before coming to other platforms. Yeah Yeah Beebiss II – Riggs Version replaces the main characters of Kyonshi Hui and Jiangshi Bo with digital versions of the developer John Riggs and his wife.

Download now!

Got an Antstream subscription on Xbox, PC, mobile or the like? You’ll find these 4 games rolling out right about now. 

And if you have never played Antstream Arcade, you’re missing out on something a bit good. It’s available to download on Xbox via the Xbox Store, either for £29.99 for a 1-year sub, or £79.99 as a lifer

Let us know which of these games you’ll be looking to play first. Surely it’s gonna be Jumpman, yeah?

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